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Monday, April 30, 2012

First Baby Duck of the Year


I grabbed this shot on a very very wet Sunday this is Coronation Walk Stream working not because its been fixed but the rain has been so bad but its nice to see how this should look and used to be when it worked years ago


The Grey Wagtail has been about a lot this week and must be breading near the lake.


Bad news on the Swans they went back to their nest by the bridge and laid eggs as you can see but latter in the week the eggs were found smashed on the bowling green. There are stiff penalties for anyone stealing eggs or hurting Swans or Grebes both are protected birds. The swans are now trying another nest but this week the Rangers are coming down on Tuesday to see if they can help we have asked for hay bails around the islands with a ramp so swans and grebe can bread by the island in safety. A Grebe laid eggs this week and in a short time they were taken. Its a very sad world when wildlife is destroyed in this way.


On Tuesday I spotted the new chick the first this year the mother and father showed off the 11 chicks and both parents were there with them.


Sadly by Saturday they were down to only 5 chicks they had lost some every day we dont know if its a fox or cats or kids





The five remaining chicks on Sunday lets hope they survive but I have heard people saying do we want a duck so maybe someone is taking them home not the thing to do with wild ducks and they need their mother at this stage. If you see anyone hurting any wildlife in the park call the Police.

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Anonymous said...

The ducks are fantastic, so sad to hear many are lost. Went to see them today and saw a gorgeous rare Mandarin Duck. Many thanks to the gentleman with the information!