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Monday, July 28, 2014

Cygnets Hooked by Fishing line AGAIN

Once again the fishermen have injured more cygnets one above with a hook in its mouth and line trailing behind was spotted by the wildlife group and action was taken to save it we hope that its not swallowed the line and has internal injuries. Once again the low life that do this don't report it to the RSPCA or anyone to get it help they run off and leave it to die a horrible painful death. The other cygnet is still at the RSPCA Stapley and still isn't out of the woods yet lets hope it pulls through.
Again there is a possibility that another has been caught in line tonight and the one below we are worried about its leg as it seems to be injured.
The problem is there is no end in site things are just getting worse with an almost daily problem and these are not kids fishing these are adults doing this. Nothing is being done to stop this happening. You can see below an illegal act not just park rules but its illegal to leave a rod unattended as it states on the licence if found by the environment agency  you can get a hefty fine and banned from fishing
Once kids start in the school hols things will be totally out of control and the CEC are doing nothing to help the situation they are covering up criminal acts when swans are attacked every incident with a swan attack should be reported to the police not covered up.
Something must be done I have heard of people suggesting vigilantly patrols and this must be condemned but people are shocked and upset by lack of response by the park

Going by other park rules in the uk the rules need to be changed
no ground baiting (the wildlife see this and come over then the angler doesn't lift the rod)
Clear notices of how to contact the bailiff so people can report problems and if they hook wildlife report it. The stupid £5 fee want increasing to a reasonable £30 then this would pay for more bailiffs
No catapults these are weapons and not suitable in the park as last week the kids were firing at wildlife.
Bailiffs to note who is on what peg and times and that person is responsible for the peg and to clean up after them ie no left line this would also give a clue as to who was fishing if wildlife are hurt.
No casting close to wildlife and rods to be lifted if wildlife come close
Apart form the cygnets there are a lot of baby ducks moorhens and rabbits to see in the park at this time

Monday, July 21, 2014

Wildlife Blood Bath Continues while CEC do nothing


Last Sat 12th,they  had to use a boat to reach a cygnet that was tangled in fishing line. On Mon 14th Derek, one of the bailiffs, had to untangle a cygnet from fishing line. What sort of fisherman hooks up cygnets then leaves them in horrendous pain to die instead of reporting it to the RSPCA or the bailiff they can be only described as low life. If you see anyone doing this report it straight away. Its very clear and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that all these problems come from fishing which is what the wildlife group tried to stop

Once the kids come off school things can only get worse and CEC are not doing anything to solve the problem. Despite the bailiffs and people turning out to help these things are still happening so they have proved in effective. So far its only swans that have been the main victims but the Grebe on the lake this week is also a protect species. Part of the problem is fishermen using ground bate which the swans see and think its food then swim over and get caught as the fishermen wont lift their rods to save them. The bailiffs Tel number needs to be displayed all around the area so people can report problems. The low fee of £5 is stupid and should be £35 or so this would provide money for more bailiffs.     


Some new baby ducks on the lake this week lets hope they survive and below a mysterious egg floating in the water this week



Very heavy rain this week meant the sewer at the bottom of the lake over flowed into the lake


The boat house has had a face lift and some painting done to it


Two weeks ago the ANTS cleaned Cory walk and removed the rubbish and two week later the rubbish is still there now causing problems for mowing and rotting the grass so they have just moved rubbish around and solved nothing there is no reason they couldnt have done a proper job and used a wheel barrow to remove it all together

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Injured Cygnet Latest


Report just in from the wildlife group on Face Book

got back from visiting our cygnet at Stapeley. How cool to be allowed to see him but how sad to hear he has a 50/50 chance of surviving. His injury, confirmed to be caused by FISHING LINE has made him unable to walk. If he can not put weight on his leg and is unable to walk he will have to be put to sleep. Made me want to cry. Poor little thing. He is on painkillers and my fingers are crossed. More care MUST be taken when fishing. This is a protected species.

If there is no action taken by the fishing group and the park management then more are going to die the fishermen throw in ground bait and the swans think its food so come over to them we watched today as swans swam under rods and the fishermen made no attempt to lift the rod to keep them safe. Once the kids start then all hell will break loose and the council will do nothing they remove any comments on Face Book trying to pretend nothing is happening. If the RSPCA gave the fishing group a £4,000 vets bill every time this happened they may get their act together.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Injured Cygnet update


Today volunteers from Queens Park Wildlife Conservation mounted a rescue of the injured cygnet and many turned up to keep an eye on it while waiting for the RSPCA. Most of the day members have been on the phone trying to get help for it. The RSPCA turned up later in the day and helped by volunteers who are known to the swans it was captured and taken away to Stapley as it was in to bad of a state to leave. What shocked a lot of people was that this was all done by volunteers while management who get paid to do the job by CEC did nothing. Its there job to take action on injured swans and give a swan in distress caused by fishermen top priority.

You can join the group on facebook

Ban Fishing in the Queens Park before all Cygnets Die


Call to ban fishing in the Queens Park after attacks on cygnets. The female swan died and the body was disposed of so no one could examine it but the pictures of the dead swan sent to lots of swan rescue centres believe the injury was from a fishing hook as it’s a unique wound and these are people that rescue swans every day. They cant be 100% as there is no body but they believe it to be the case.

Two cygnets were witnessed being attacked by fishermen purposely trying to hook them one did hook one. Another witness saw a fisherman hitting the swan with a landing net, a week ago a cygnet was rescued tangled in fishing line Sunday saw kids fishing and using a catapult to fire on cygnets and wild life. Today a cygnet has been caught in line again. Other witness have seen the attacked with spray cans. Fishermen have been seen kick at swans My dog was caught in a fishing hook left on the grass as have other dogs. Fishermen should have to be signed onto a peg then any problems they can be spoken to as its their responsibility

The injured cygnet has to wait until tomorrow for the RSPCA to rescue it lets hope its ok

All these are actual crimes swans enjoy statutory protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and it is an offence to intentionally injure, take or kill a wild swan. As far as we can tell these crimes have been covered up and not reported to the Police which in its self may be a crime and CEC may be guilty of this.

Given this level of attacks the only sensible action is to ban fishing before we have a wildlife blood bath despite peoples efforts these crimes are increasing and measures to stop them are not working. Some swan rescue centres who have had this sort of problem hold the fishing club responsible and charge them £4,000 for every rescue and vets bill. All this when we are supposed to have responsible fishermen once the kids break up and we get swamped with then all hell will break loose. If action isn’t taken then people may start taking action against these people as the CEC sit back and do nothing again.

The new wildlife group have people looking after the swans as best they can and you can join in and help save the swans on facebook

Anyone seeing attacks on swans should call the Police as its a criminal offence lets get the Police down and prosecute these people it will deter others from doing it


The post for CCTV are going in complete with pre configured graffiti


This may help to some degree with problems but only if people take action on what is seen. Below the fence broken by kids going fishing, they had fun playing with the boats last week and were on the boat hut



Lots of young rabbits about if you walk about the park

Monday, July 7, 2014

New Queens Park Wildlife Conservation Group


The first meeting of the new group took place today in the park soured by a heavy downpour of rain but still over 20 people turned up for the meeting. It was set up after the mysterious death of the female who had 7 cygnets one of which has gone missing. The aim of the group is to protect the wildlife in the park mostly from humans after there have been now 5 witness attacks of the cygnets none of which have been reported to the Police as they have been as its a criminal offence.

On objective is to make the islands a safe haven by providing suitable plants on them and building some sort of steps so wildlife can get to safety on the island. A few companies have shown interest it helping including Bentley, PET Hire and Cheshire work wear. The next meeting will be next Sunday at 2pm in the bowling hut. You can join the group on facebook


One of the problem faced by wildlife is as you can see a very large dog off the lead there are many dogs off lead and they often attack wildlife despite there being a bylaw on the park that they must be on the lead


Some of the wildlife on the lake this week is the Coot back last year we had lots of them and they did very well but we have the only one now


A new set of baby duck with mum out today and the baby moorhen out on his own