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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vandals Strike Again


The Herons have been on site again this week and one is perching in a tree. They often do that but its very rare for them to do it in the park.


We have been hit by vandals again this week when they ripped all the stones off the wall at the bottom of the lake and threw them all in the lake. They then smashed others further up and smashed the stones as well.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Lodge roof repaired


The lodge porch roof had to  be repaired this week after the original contractor went bust and the tiles started falling off as they had stuck them on instead of nailing them on nailing them.The wood has been made for the damaged bridge so that should be repaired in the near future.


An old picture of the lodge


Two Herons on the lake again most of the week with this young one wandering  about a lot not were they normally go

Monday, September 10, 2012

Baby Squirrel Stops work


A crazy time this week when the gardener called me over to help as a baby squirrel had gone inside his mower as he was cutting the grass. How he didnt get cut is a miracle as you can see above he was right inside.


We got him out and he sat on your hand and didnt want to move I had to keep and eye on him while the mowing was finished in case he went under again. Sadly a few days latter we found his body.


The flowers in the main drive are now at there best which is a shame as any time now they have to come up to put in winter bedding. Coronation walk has been tidied up this week as well


Sunday, September 2, 2012



There has been nothing happening in the park this week. We have had two Herron onsite most of the week one seems to be a baby one as he is landing close to people normally we only see them on the islands. Above he is by the lake at Tipkinder end


The strange duck above is on the lake he is a Mandarin Cross Mallard. Is head is Mandarin while his body is Mallard. Several other duck have been seen this week which havent been seen for a while the include split beak(he has a split beak as the name suggest). Leg puller he grabs the back of your legs if you dont feed him and whistler he makes a strange sound