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Monday, February 27, 2012

Swans Return


The saga of the swans is like a soap  show this week the other two swans have returned so we are now back to three swans but who knows what happens next week?


There are signs of wildlife getting ready for spring and matting the Geese are splashing about and showing off a lot and other seem to be pairing up ready.


Up near the bandstand there are gangs of Magpies but they tend to stay in that area


Also in that area are robins and you can see the bush he is on showing new buds coming showing spring is on its way. There are snow drops crocus and daffs out as well.


The maintenance  area has had new gates put it this week

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Killer Swan

Not a lot happening this week but we do have a killer swan on our hands. Witness reported the swan grabbed one of the geese by the neck and dragged it under the ice and the swan came back up but the goose didnt. So we now have one swan and one goose left. The gooses body was later recovered.


There has been some destruction of the lake walls as you can see above as kids tear off the bricks to throw into the lake. School hols are great arnt they.



The two white ducks are still with use and look as if they have had a bath as they are all nice and clean

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Children In Danger


People in the Queens Park were horrified today as children played on the frozen lake. As you can see above they were walking right across the lake and one was a young child. The Police were called and they rushed to get them off the lake before they fell in. They than took their names and were going around to the parents to advise them of the dangers. This has been happening all week with people of all ages doing these stupid things like smashing the ice they are standing on with bricks bikes etc.

Parent warn your children of the dangers of open water not only of the park. If any had fell in they could be dead very quick if they slipped under the ice and low temperature could prove fatal. If anyone witness this stupid behaviour then call the Police before a child dies. They have been pulling stones off the wall and throwing them onto the ice as well. All the money spent cleaning the lake and its getting full of rubbish.

This leads on to another story this week that the final warden has now been given 6 weeks notice so it would appear that we will have no one protecting our 7m park soon.


Coronation Walk  has been cleaned this week by the gardeners and though not perfect its now a usable path at last.


I managed to find some more memorial plaques this week in the bench grave yard so we now have them all. There are some in the office I believe from seats that have gone so I will try and get those so these people can be remembered. If you have any info on the people on these please let us know

Monday, February 6, 2012

Remembrance plaques


There is not really anything happening in the park the lake has been frozen over and today the yobs have been throwing all the dustbins into the lake along with anything else they can find..


While it was nothing else was happening I took the opportunity of taking pictures of all the plaques on benches in the park. These of coarse were once someone's loved ones who wanted them remembered for ever but with vandals and old age they are being lost so now they are saved in another format.


If anyone has any info on any of the families on them please let us know as most are unknown. You may need to double click on the pictures to see them full screen to read them all.