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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Save the Queens Park Wardens


I wonder if anyone knows that from June there are no Park Rangers. One sadly passed away a few months ago and there are no plans to replace him, another has already been made redundant and the third retires in June and again there are no plans for a replacement. I also believe that the external security company brought in by the Council to add additional security when the ranger's are off duty has also had the contract cancelled. An open invitation for all the undesirables to wreck all the good work in a very short space of time. I wonder if the Heritage Lottery hierarchy are aware of this. I would have thought that there were conditions attached to the bid that required the Council to commit staff to protect the park!

The wardens carry out many task open and shutting the park, controlling yobs and security, provide first aid, ensure any events have all they need to be able to carry out the event. They keep the park clean report faults and many other functions.

If they go the 6.5million spent will rapidly go down the pan as yobs start wrecking the park. What if you are taken ill or have an accident who will be there to save your life?

Its hard to see how they can be made redundant as someone must perform these task and if anyone does then the Wardens haven’t been made redundant but have suffered wrongful dismissal. To make someone redundant the job most have gone. Its not clear what the intentions are for the Queens Park but there was talk about leaving it open 24/7 while this may work in other posh areas in Crewe it will be wrecked within a week. Why spend 6.5 million to get the park right and then leave it to yobs to wreck.

The cost of the wardens is a drop in the ocean and not great saving are to be achieved by this move. Everyone is up in arms that knows about this and I visit the Queens Park daily and everyone is against loosing the wardens this could be the election big issue.

Support our campaign to save them by email your support to the link

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter in the Queens Park

queenspark 017

Easter and there has been plenty of Spring colour in the park both from the tress by the lake above and the spring bedding on the main entrance

queenspark 005

Moving on the Bowls pavilion is now close to completion with the roof and the main structure now done. Even the windows are now in place

queenspark 039 

queenspark 011

The cafe roof is now all but finished and the scaffolding is slowly coming down and the fence is going up for the veranda on the lake side both these projects are due to finish in May

queenspark 040 

The sun and holidays has brought people out to the park with train rides and bouncy castles being on site for the kids. We have had a good week weather wise and more sun is forecast for the Easter weekend

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gone in 60 Seconds

queenspark 044

All I have heard this week is complaints from people about the cutting down of trees by the new cafe. The above picture was taken last week.

queenspark 021

This is what it looks like this week with the trees gone. They have removed a lot of trees so the view from the cafe is better and you will be able to see some of the lake. From the cafe side you will see the picture below but from the cafe you will be slightly higher.

queenspark 014

queenspark 030

Above is the area next to the cafe were a lot of trees have been removed. What do you think should the trees have been removed just so you can get a better view?

queenspark 003

In the main drive way the sprig bedding its looking good in the sunshine.

queenspark 050

I was surprised to catch two Jays in the park while they are not a rare bird they are hard to take pictures of as they dont often break cover and are wary of people but with the Fugi HS10 with 30* optical zoom I managed to catch this one

queenspark 052

Finally the next Friends meeting has been cancelled we will let you know when its due 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tree Felling at the Queens Park

queenspark 036

There has been a few complaints this week about what's happening at the park. Firstly a lot of trees are being removed by the new cafe and by the lake so you can get a betters view of the lake etc from the new cafe. About 6 have already been felled and there are more to come. Many people don't agree that trees that have been around for year should be felled in this way what do you think?

The second problem is that one of the park keepers is finishing in June and wont be replaced and there has been discussions going on if the other park keeper will have to go. How the park will be protected and who will be there to help people is still open to debate. Having spent 6.5 million on the park don't we need someone to look after it and be there to help?

Thirdly its believed that firm who have done the cycle track to Nantwich have agreed to do the main paths in the park on condition bikes can go in the park. Again many fear the BMX will then come in and put people in danger. While sensible bikers maybe fine what about idiots?

queenspark 011

The bowls hut is getting close to being finished as a new Zinc roof goes on and the main veranda is now in place. Lets hope its open for the new season.

queenspark 013

The lodges are having a roof maker over as you can see. As a lot of the work is behind covered safety sheets there is not a lot to see.

queenspark 022

The cafe roof is now not far off being done its seems to have taken forever to do the roof but its now looking good with all the daffs out(wonder how many will be left after mothering Sunday). Once the roof is done there isn't a lot of work to do inside as its a big open space.

The Boar war work has ground to a halt at the moment.