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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lakeside Cafe

queenspark 003
The new Cafe taken over by the Pickle Jar was opened this week with the new name of the Lakeside. The name was chosen from many suggested as being the most appropriate for a cafe over looking the lake.
Pickle Jar at the Lakeside Winter Opening Times from October 30th
Monday 12 noon - 4pm
Tuesday 12 noon - 4pm
Wednesday 12 noon - 4pm
Thursday 12 noon - 4pm
queenspark 019
The mayor and the Pickle jar team and Elaine Dodd
queenspark 027
Derek Morgan our supportive Chairperson with Daniel - the youngest member of the Friends group- although that might change on the 1st!!!, that's what happens as you get older Dan!! He is also our Youth Representative and very interested and involved.
queenspark 040
Councillor David Brickhill, who suggested the name, along with Cllr Jacqueline Weatherill who unfortunately couldn't come along today, so Karen the Manageress stepped in to cut the cake!
Some maintance  work has been carried out as dead trees have been removed near the lake.
The new path around the keep fit equipment has now been finished so you wont get muddy anymore keeping fit
If you look back a couple of weeks I pointed out the yobs had carved names on the Monkey hut which has only just been repaired this week even more carvings have been done they cant leave anything alone and it does show we want more wardens back to protect the work that has been done

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dan The Man


Dan Band one of the gardeners at the park was one of the three apprentices awarded Apprentice of the year. He has been doing stage two of the horticultural qualification and now going to move on to stage three. Well done to him and George his constant supervisor who make sure he is always working.


I noticed the Bandstand rain dripping everywhere the other day it seems the drains have fell apart.


The exercise area is getting a make over this week as it was raised at a friends meeting that it was muddy when wet. They are now putting concrete down around all the equipment   so it will be ok when it rains.


Volunteers wanted. I visited the bench grave yard this week all the old benches are stacked up and un loved many only want minor repairs. We are after volunteers to fix them and get that back in the park. These are all benches that people have bought to remember their loved ones but they are not the councils responsibility  a sits up to the owners but of coarse many have passed away or moved. It would be nice to get them repaired and back into the park any wood work experts ideal anyone retired that could give a few hours to fix them?


They even get wrecked by kids using them for swings under the bridge

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What a week

Its been a funny week with Radio Stoke doing interview about the park this week you can still catch it for a few day here I am on about 46 mins in and the Mayor is on a few mins latter. The main concern is there is no money to finish the park at the moment but a bid has gone to the lottery 3 weeks ago for a further £330,00 to finish the paths. The lottery are looking at adding it on to the present grant which would mean a quicker decision rather than applying for a new grant.

The paths were not on the original application because at the time they were ok it was only when Wrekin took heavy machines over them that they were damaged  and of coarse they went bankrupt so we cant get money off them.

One of the thing missing that was cut from the interview is the increase of vandals in the park and if we dont get a grip all the hard work will be destroyed in a few months.


Not recant but the Gulf War memorial was destroyed by vandal's a new one is planned once soldiers have their say as what goes on it.


The lake as a lot of examples here near the gold coarse a lovely picture but as you can see a fence and half a gate post have been thrown into the lake.


Here we can see a 15 ft plastic pipe thrown in the lake retrieved by the gardeners this week there are plenty of other examples with dustbins and  fences and other rubbish thrown in. Below the clock tower has recently been restored and there is a ball missing already.


We have this week some new old photos if that makes sense sent in by B Smith to share with the people of crewe.


The old Cafe note the two chimneys which is the current design


The clock tower of coarse


A flower bed and old seat and below the lake the golf coarse end


Back by popular demand are some more panoramic shots of the park taken this week while we had some nice weather. You need to click on them to see a full picture. Taken with a Fugi HS10





Finally a nice one of the new Lakeside Cafe which is its new name


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Panoramic Queens Park Pictures


The Boar War Memorial has now had the white stones remove from its base. Why because parents dont seem to understand respect for the soldiers who gave their lives fighting for their country. Parent regularly have been letting children play on the memorial and kick the stones all  over the place  and then they take pictures of them jumping on the Lions. Has no one got any respect for people who gave their lives some of the soldiers must be turning in their graves wondering why they gave their lives to be treated this way. Stand at the memorial and read the names of the fallen you may find one of your relations fought in that war and died. The Gulf War memorial has been destroyed by vandals bring back  conscription they may then appreciate what hardship and death is all about.


In the same vain the Monkey Hut has just been rebuild only weeks ago and yes the yobs have been there carving names etc into the new wood, in the lake this week you can see dustbin, fences stones etc we are fighting a loosing battle dont parent care where their kids are anymore or what they get up to?


I just grabbed these shots as summer comes to an end and the flowers will soon have to be removed ready for winter beading plants



These panoramic shots are popular taken with a Fugi HS10 you need to double click on them to see them full screen in all their glory





Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tents in the Queens Park

queenspark 003

I thought we had squatters in the park with all the tents by the main entrance but it was a scouts sleep over. Lots of scouts are sleeping in the park Saturday night and what a nice night to do it.


If they get hungry then what about this whopper in the lake this week and stranger still we say a terrapin in the lake this week as well not what you expect but I didnt catch a picture of it.


Its been a lovely week with lots of sun and people enjoying the park. A lot of complaints about the weed seen above on Tuesday. The Environment Agency have now given permission to treat it. You cant do anything to the lake without them as it could effect water down stream.

queenspark 010 

A picture taken the same place as the above on Saturday and the weed has diminished by a vast amount. I have seen the dusk eating it all week. While its not all gone it looks a lot better.


The cafe looks very nice and is reflected in the lake this week. The cafe has put out water bowls for dogs this week and if there isnt any out please ask at the cafe. They are hoping to supply meals for dogs so you can have a snack and get one for your dog as well. They are also looking into getting proper food for the ducks and wild birds.


Picture of the island near the golf coarse on a calm sunny day.