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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tents in the Queens Park

queenspark 003

I thought we had squatters in the park with all the tents by the main entrance but it was a scouts sleep over. Lots of scouts are sleeping in the park Saturday night and what a nice night to do it.


If they get hungry then what about this whopper in the lake this week and stranger still we say a terrapin in the lake this week as well not what you expect but I didnt catch a picture of it.


Its been a lovely week with lots of sun and people enjoying the park. A lot of complaints about the weed seen above on Tuesday. The Environment Agency have now given permission to treat it. You cant do anything to the lake without them as it could effect water down stream.

queenspark 010 

A picture taken the same place as the above on Saturday and the weed has diminished by a vast amount. I have seen the dusk eating it all week. While its not all gone it looks a lot better.


The cafe looks very nice and is reflected in the lake this week. The cafe has put out water bowls for dogs this week and if there isnt any out please ask at the cafe. They are hoping to supply meals for dogs so you can have a snack and get one for your dog as well. They are also looking into getting proper food for the ducks and wild birds.


Picture of the island near the golf coarse on a calm sunny day.

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