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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Lost Carnival at Queens Park


Some scenes fro the Lost Carnival at the park with trampoline  fun


The Voodoo Band


The ringmaster shall we call here


These crazy people flying of the big wheel


Women up in the trees dancing


More crazy people flying I am proud of these shots


Then they did it backwards



Even men up in the trees dont forget its on Sunday and Monday so still time to see it for tickets and info see

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lost Carnival This Weekend


The Carnival is on this weekend dont miss out


The new Burma Island is looking very good with the colour but you cant go on it as its dangerous the flags have to be re-laid and it may not be ready for weekend.


In 2011 the Boar War memorial was regenerated @ a cost of £27,000 now its been regenerated again?


A new sign outside the cafe for the opening in 2011


The geese young are growing and out having a swim why a Greylag goose seems to be playing mum I dont know

Monday, May 16, 2016

Lots of new seats



There are some nice Rhododendrons all over the park these are all near the lake




The new baby ducks are coming thick and fast its hard to work out how many there are now


The first new seat is near the Gulf War memorial


At last after asking for years we have seats on the south side of the lake one just before the island


One opposite the island note the rubbish left on it all ready


This one the other side of the bridge across from the cafe


round to the other side of the lake near the little bridge


The last one next to the path going to the cafe


Monday, May 9, 2016

New Wildlife


The swan had a fit this week she came off the island and headed for the bubbles and spent time diving into the spray


The Moorhen baby takes his first swim around the lake after spending a week or so on the island


The Canada geese have had babies this week wit this nice one and other with mum



The first ducks of the years with 7 young very often they don't all survive


Some nice colour from trees and rhododendrons at this time of year


Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Lost Carnival adventure begins




Queen’s Park, Crewe, Cheshire 28, 29 & 30 May 4-9.30pm. £12 (under 3s free)

The secrets of The Lost Carnival have now started to be revealed at your friends, choose your foes, as The Battle of the Carnivals begins.

Over a century after the mysterious Lost Carnival disappeared, The Lost Carnival will appear at Queen’s Park in Crewe this May. For three short nights only, families will step into a world unlike any other in this large-scale outdoor immersive theatre experience from award-winning producers Wild Rumpus (Just So Festival) and So It Is (Bury Met, Ramsbottom Festival), brought to life by theatre partner LAS Theatre.

The Battle of the Carnivals is a story beyond your wildest imagination. Meet The Birds and The Ingénues - two rival carnival families battling for supremacy.  Expect spellbinding theatre and enthralling installations, circus, music, visual trickery and sideshows.

Start listening to the fictional radio documentary podcasts by sleuth Arthur Bird at Follow the story and use the podcasts and clues to uncover the carnival’s mysteries. Tell Arthur what you think on The Lost Carnival Facebook page to help influence the drama and investigation in advance and at the live event.

The Birds and the Ingénues, have been scouring the world to recruit some incredible performers who will join them as they battle to be crowned the most glorious carnival ever. It's time to pin your colours to the mast. #teamingénue or #teambird?  Browse their family albums, get costume ideas, make a choice who to support and help decide the most incredible contest in carnival history at

The Birds exude mystery and swagger, dark glamour and intoxicating performance. They are out to clear their name after being accused of sabotage at the 2015 Lost Carnival in Bury. Encounter the charismatic leader of The Bird Carnival, Sergei Bird, their glittering star and aerial gymnast Anastasiya Abramovich  and the mischevious Maks Mager the magician at the event. Also performing for #teambird are incredible circus artist and trampoline acrobat Max Calaf Seve, master multi-tasker Rimski on his unique bicycle piano and La Sibylle, a curious female prophetess.

The Ingénues seem to be the heroes of the story with sequins, sparkle and colourful shine aplenty. Look out for Popo Ingénue, the Ingénue Carnival’s inspirational and adventurous leader, Strongman Ivor Pavlov and the impeccable Clare V’oyant at the event. Also performing for #teamingénue are Pif Paf Theatre with Planetary -  3 travellers on their spinning planet forged from 80 metres of steel pipe - plus unforgettable aerial tree-top performance and ground acrobatics from Whispering Woods.

Getting the entire carnival crowd going will be the infectious Voodoo Love Orchestra with their big band sounds, plus many other intriguing acts. Show your support for The Birds or The Ingénues throughout the evening (they will need your help) and witness a thrilling culmination if you dare.

David Agnew, Producer of The Lost Carnival and Director of So It Is says “We can’t wait to step into the unforgettable world of the Lost Carnival in Crewe this May and welcome audiences for an evening of adventure as two of the greatest carnivals of all time battle for your affections. The Birds and the Ingénues need your family to decide who you will support. Share with your family and friends which carnival family you think should reign supreme using #teambird #teamingenue and #thelostcarnival. We are now counting down the days to find out who will win The Battle of the Carnivals.” 

Keep your ears to the ground for more news in May … all we can reveal is get your dancing shoes ready.

Sign up online for your family to become Carnivalistas - enjoy unique experiences at each Lost Carnival event and support The Lost Carnival to do good work in the communities that it touches.

Start the adventure now. Buy tickets, choose which family you will support, follow the podcast, intriguing clues, secret messages, dressing up and reading inspiration. Sign up to the newsletter at and follow The Lost Carnival on Facebook and twitter #thelostcarnival.



Whispering Woods - performing at The Lost Carnival



Burma Island is now finished but not yet open the plants are starting to flower


The Canada geese are making use of the island to build their nests




Two new notice boards one at the Morton Rd gate and one at the golf coarse end