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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lakeside Cafe

queenspark 003
The new Cafe taken over by the Pickle Jar was opened this week with the new name of the Lakeside. The name was chosen from many suggested as being the most appropriate for a cafe over looking the lake.
Pickle Jar at the Lakeside Winter Opening Times from October 30th
Monday 12 noon - 4pm
Tuesday 12 noon - 4pm
Wednesday 12 noon - 4pm
Thursday 12 noon - 4pm
queenspark 019
The mayor and the Pickle jar team and Elaine Dodd
queenspark 027
Derek Morgan our supportive Chairperson with Daniel - the youngest member of the Friends group- although that might change on the 1st!!!, that's what happens as you get older Dan!! He is also our Youth Representative and very interested and involved.
queenspark 040
Councillor David Brickhill, who suggested the name, along with Cllr Jacqueline Weatherill who unfortunately couldn't come along today, so Karen the Manageress stepped in to cut the cake!
Some maintance  work has been carried out as dead trees have been removed near the lake.
The new path around the keep fit equipment has now been finished so you wont get muddy anymore keeping fit
If you look back a couple of weeks I pointed out the yobs had carved names on the Monkey hut which has only just been repaired this week even more carvings have been done they cant leave anything alone and it does show we want more wardens back to protect the work that has been done


Daniel Prime said...

The best way forward would be to put cameras in at the main parts that are being vandalised

Wayne Williams said...

Camera's are OK in theory but not a complete deterrent. Besides, who can pay for them?