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Monday, May 27, 2013



Plaque Restoration Project
A South Cheshire College Painting and Decorating student has helped to restore a plaque in Queen’s Park to its former glory.

Brad Hughes has completely stripped and repainted the metal plinth in memory of Councillor Charles Welch who played a key role in the park’s history and heritage in the late 1800s.

The plaque commemorates a tree planted by Councillor Welch in the centre of the park but it went missing after being ripped up by vandals.

It was retrieved from another part of the park but was in a bad state of repair before Brad stepped in to help out.

The sign now looks sparkling after being painted black and white and will be put back in position alongside the tree.

Four generations of Councillor Welch’s family joined Cllr Brian Silvester and Queen’s Park Manager Elaine Dodd to unveil the newly restored version at the West Lodge in Queen’s Park.

They included Councillor Welch’s granddaughter June Kershaw, great granddaughter Anne Shaw and her husband Chris, great great granddaughter Charlotte Shaw and great great great granddaughter Lilly Massey.

Brad Hughes and South Cheshire College Painting and Decorating tutor also met the family in Queen’s Park.

Brad, 17, of Crewe, who is studying a Painting and Decorating Level One Diploma, said: “The plaque was in a bad state when I first saw it and it was very rusty but I stripped it down and repainted it.

“I think it looks a lot better now and I’m glad the family and the park staff are pleased with it.”

The plaque reads ‘This Tree was planted in memory of the late Councillor Welch in recognition of his valuable services as a member of the Park Committee. October 9th 1895.

Cllr Brian Silvester said: “The family contacted me when they realised that the plaque was missing.

“I contacted the Council, the plaque was found and the College agreed to refurbish it.

“We are extremely grateful to South Cheshire College for helping us to restore this plaque which has always held a prominent position at the heart of the park.

“This is a great example of partnership working and the newly restored version looks fantastic.”

For further information about Painting and Decorating courses at South Cheshire College, please call 01270 654654 or visit

A new notice about dogs has gone up in the main gate notice board lets hope people take notice of it


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dog menace Again


The first baby ducks have been seen today very late this year but nice to see lets hope the Gulls dont attack them


Over the weekend the dangerous dogs were loose in the park yet again. A frightening incident occurred by the cafe the scouts were in park walking round the area. As young scouts approached the cafe over the little  bridge two dogs frightened them as they ran at them barking and showing their teeth it was chasing a rabbit and the scout was mortified as the dog drew  blood from the rabbit. The owners were asked to put their dogs on a lead and became abusive which is a typical reaction they were threatened with the Police but just laughed. Given there were so many children in the park they show no consideration for anyone else and we suspect they had brought their dogs to hunt rabbits. It now seems clear that any activity that involves children in the park must as part of the risk assessment take into account the dog menace as the last time children were in the park from the school a loose dog was about. The next meeting includes dog control order


Monday, 3rd June, 2013 5.30pm

At the GAMES PAVILION (adj Bowling Green), Queens Park, Crewe


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

3. Matters Arising

4. Benches – Draft Proposals

5. Dog Control Proposed Order

6. Market Research

7. Eventing Volunteers

8. Any Other Business

Date of Next Meeting - Mon, 5th August, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

More chicks


The Canadian Geese have some new babies but there is no sign of any ducks having babies yet. Last year we had seen them by this time so they are well behind this year. Some babies were still appearing last year in June so there is time yet but there isnt any platforms this year for them to nest on as all the ones that were put in the lake have sank so the Grebe cant breed as they cant walk on land. There is nothing else happening in the park at the moment and its hard to do updates when no improvements are being done and all the action is around kids fishing and dogs off the lead.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

First baby this year


The first baby of the year was seen this week in this case a baby Canadian goose there have been no baby ducks so far this year they are behind as lots of other places have had them a few weeks. The Gulls are hovering around trying to steal eggs again. The swans are nesting on the island like they did last year but this time they have gone straight to the island as last year they laid several eggs in places and they were smashed by kids. Lets hop in 3 weeks we see some baby swans it will be the first time in many a year