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Monday, February 25, 2013

First Sign of Spring


Early signs spring is on its way as a periwinkle is in flower all ready and a few Crocus are just coming through. Wilde life is showing signs of mating early this year with lots of activity in the park. It been reported that the RSPCA have taken Fred the white goose away as he has not been seen for a while. He was reported as sick but I never saw that.


The islands and lake have been invaded by gulls they seem to be every where at the moment and can be a pest its the gull who stole lots of young ducks last year

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Big Stink at the Queens Park


There have been problems at the park this week with the thousands of starlings making a mess and producing like a slurry that stinks. By the lake its been inchs deep and the smell is terrible the staff have cleaned it but its like fighting a loosing battle lets hope the starlings move on.


Spring seems to be coming early this year for the wildlife as the nuthatch has been seen in the park last year it wasnt seen until April.


The Grebe has also been back this happened last year were one came to test the water so to speak and then brought the mate to breed we need the floating nest going in early so they can nest in peace this year.

The mins of the last friends meeting is now here

Friday, February 8, 2013


Queens Park and the Friends  met students last week following on from last year's work on developing Crewe Park as an educational resource. This involves students meeting in the park for an introductory visit and talk. To then be followed up by students working with a class of children from one of the local schools. The students will have devised science based activities to work on with the children in the park - appropriate to the age range of the children. This would then have the possibility of being followed up in the school early February. We are hoping that students will produce a scheme of work of which they will have delivered in part, and make contributions to the Crewe Park website.


A date for your diary.... local historian, Howard Curran is doing one of his enjoyable and interesting presentations on Queens Park 10th April, at Legends, £4 or concesssions £3.50 7.30pm - 10pm Tel: 01270 214077. Do come along and support it !!!

The friends meeting took place on Monday and we all watched the Starling give a massive display over the park