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Saturday, December 25, 2010


This will be the last update for this year and we will start a new news page for what we hope is the last year of the restoration. It interesting to look back at the whole year and we have the 2009 photos and news on line as well at the main Queens Park website


The Queens Park lake is frozen over once again and the idiots are out. The above shot of the lads running across the lake and jumping about on it. There is also bike tracks across the lake. What they dont realize is if it breaks and they fall in they could be in serious trouble as the temperature is so low. The problem is if they do fall in someone from emergency services may have to risk their lives to rescue them. So be smart and safe and stay off the lake.


The ducks are out enjoying a game of football on the lake and seem fascinated by the football. There has been some feathers near the golf coarse end of the lake which suggest something or someone is killing them.


At Tipkinder even the Valley Brook has frozen over which is unusual for a flowing stream.


While people are out feeding the Ducks dont forget the other wildlife as they need food this Robin came down and sat inches from us for ages desperate for food, So bring some food for the birds as well

Friday, December 17, 2010

Queens Park Play area update

queenspark 015
The bowing green now has the metal structure in place but due to the weather and the time of year progress is slow
queenspark 019
The grass is in tip top conditions and very green considering the bad weather.
queenspark 025
The same is true of the cafe all that can be done is the woodwork due to the weather.
queenspark 032
The lake hasnt thawed out full yet and its evident how much rubbish has been throw into the lake by people while its frozen all which will sink once it thaws.
queenspark 036
queenspark 038

The play area’s new climbing frame and swings have made progress despite the bad weather with the new frame on site ready to be fitted. As you can see its like doing some Xmas puzzle trying to sort out all the bits for it.
queenspark 092 
By the play area were bird food has been put out there are lots of birds coming down to feed and this has created lots of interest with bird watchers.
queenspark 065
queenspark 135
The final thing is the new improved sluice gate wheels which will make things a lot simpler to operate when the lake needs to be filled

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Wonder Land


With the bad weather the Queens Park has become a winter wonder land for those brave enough to brave the sub zero weather. early in the week it was cold and foggy giving a mystical feel.


The sun broke through later in the week but it was still very cold. What is shocking as you can see above people have been breaking into the park behind the barriers and throwing all sorts of things onto the lake. You can see metal fence,plastic fence and big rubber feet off the fences on the lake. The problem is as the lake melts all this is going into the lake which we have spent a fortune having it cleaned. It represents a danger to wildlife.


Getting any work done this week has been touch and go due to the freezing weather but the Bowls hut has had a crane there putting the steal work in and its starting to take shape slowly

DSCF2696 .

The geese and ducks have been wondering about down the main drive due to the bad weather. You can see how frosty it has been with the trees pure white.


Despite the bad weather the play area is getting the new set of swings put in. The weather is against it as they cant cement them in while its so cold.


As well as the new swings the ground is being prepared for the new climbing frame for older youths. It was hoped to get it in before Xmas but its all down to the weather as they can cement or put the rubber down in the bad weather

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow Work in the Queens Park


Work has been hampered all week with snow and ice but they have managed to do some more woodwork on the cafe with the centre roof going into place slowly.


Its even been to cold for the squirrel man who sits by the lake daily and feeds them this one was sitting on the bench waiting for his dinner.



The  lake has been frozen and as you can see the vandals have been at it again throwing logs fences and anything else they can find onto the lake. Of coarse when it melts all this rubbish will be in the lake which has just been cleaned out they have been wrecking fences to get to the lake and the Police have had to be called on more than one occasion.



The gardeners have been busy cutting back the bushes and trees in and around Coronation Walk ready for planting next year

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cafe contracts up for grabs at parks


Firms are being invited to tender to run the new cafeteria in Crewe’s Queens Park.

Building work is under way and the facility is due to open next year.

The offer to prospective contractors has been placed on Cheshire East Councils website and is an electronic application known as ‘the chest’.

Contracts are also up for grabs at the cafeterias within Congleton Park and West Park, Macclesfield. Prospective contractors can submit interest for any of the cafeteria operations. The closing date for tender submissions is December 13.

The website – – also has a suppliers’ guide, which has useful tips and advice for first-time users.

Councillor Andrew Knowles, Cabinet member with responsibility for health and wellbeing, said: “This is a wonderful local opportunity to work within Queens Park on the first year following refurbishment. There are lots of ideas to work hand in glove with Cheshire East Council to provide a creative and enjoyable facility within the new cafeteria pavilion.”

Work on the cafeteria began in July. It is hoped the construction will be completed by February.

Queens Park is undergoing a £6.5m transformation to bring it back to its former glory. The Heritage Lottery Fund is providing a £2.7m support grant with the rest of the investment coming from Cheshire East Council.

Within the park’s 45 acres are walkways, trees, shrubs, planting, children’s play area, crown green bowling, putting, boating lake (currently drained for construction works), grassed areas, memorials and cafeteria.

For more information on the Queens Park restoration project visit the Queens Park web pages at: – then click on ‘leisure, culture and tourism’ and follow links to the park pages.