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Monday, December 28, 2015

Last Update 2015


The paths south side are getting the final coat of tarmac. It was stated this would be open for Xmas but the gates are still locked


By the bandstand there has been lots of sandstone which was supposed to go under the bridge but a lot has now been removed and placed by the lake.


I assume they are using the sandstone to contain the mud they have used to bank up the borders. Its a lot of money to remove mud from site so its a good way of getting rid of it. I still think the water is still going to flow onto this path as its draining from above.


The path west side of the bridge is nearley finished and they have a layby set ot may be a bench is to be put there which will not go down well with fishermen and you wont want to sit there is their casting close by



The other side (east) is now done just the path from the gate to the bridge is taking a long time as they are trying to reduce the hill.


A few greylag geese are in the park this week


Monday, December 14, 2015

Copyright Violation

I have run this site for many years at my own expense and spent 1,000s of hours and a lot of money taking photos  of the restoration. It seems Facebook Groups like Crewe & Nantwich Past and Present
see fit to steal photos from this site to put on their page all material on my site is copyright. For most I own the copyright some that belongs to other is stated by the post ie reporter J White or others who have supplied photos they own for the benefit of others and a record for history of the park restoration. If you need photos they can be bought or used as a link with credits to the site with permission
No matter what time of the year there is always some bushes  in flower to be found in the park

More mushroom growing in the park most arnt safe to eat unless you know what your doing

 The Goosander have stayed in the park in large numbers again

Peacock butterfly in the park very late for them
Red wings with black markings and distinctive eyespots on tips of fore and hind wings.
The Peacock's spectacular pattern of eyespots, evolved to startle or confuse predators, make it one of the most easily recognized and best known species. It is from these wing markings that the butterfly gained its common name. Undersides of the wings are very dark and look like dead leaves. A fairly large butterfly and a strong flyer.
Although a familiar visitor to garden buddleias in late summer, the Peacock's strong flight and nomadic instincts lead it to range widely through the countryside, often finding its preferred habitats in the shelter of woodland clearings, rides, and edges.
The species is widespread and has continued to expand its range in northern parts of Britain and Ireland.

 The path from Morton rd is now curved round so you dont use the wooden planks to struggle down to the bridge

The path by the golf coarse is a mystery as they have now used all the mud to bank up the shrubs and put down a membrane under the stones they are putting down. IT will be interesting to see what its all about as the path is so low water is going to still drain from the golf coarse path and flood it unless there is a drain of some sort   

Dear All
I write to request your assistance please!

I am seeking to apply for funding for works which will complement the water-course  works already being progressed with regards to the Valley. 
The bid will address the issues re the paths, landscaping, rockeries, earth movements etc.

I am required to demonstrate a public need and desire to see this happen to support the funding application.

Therefore, can you please write to myself to request this project happens, indicate a desire to see the Coronation Valley returned to her former glory as part of completing the original aspirations of the restoration project and any other thoughts you may have.

Please let me know what value it is to your group, and the wider community if you can.  An early response would be appreciated as I need to hit the January deadline for the application.

Elaine Webster,
Parks & Recreation Manager
c/o  Pyms Lane, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 3PJ, Tel: 01270 686708

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Are the paths going to be safe?


At the bottom of the lake by the golf coarse they are still building the pyramid and its getting higher if they are then going to put the path on top its going to be high and a possibility of people falling off into the lake


Unless the paths are to get a top coat the quality of some of the paths leaves a lot to be desiredDSCF0783

How safe will the paths be as they have metal edges give it a while when they get broken and leave sharp edges and if you then fall it could be deadly


The bank by the bridge on the south side is now a mud bank



The goosanders have been out in force this week with lots of them on the lake. One of the problems of doing the paths is the effect on nature as it is there are puddles on paths which give birds etc  a source of water remove that and they have no were to drink as they cant drink from the lake. The wildlife group with all their money in the bank could put bird baths around the area to help wildlife?