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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Are the paths going to be safe?


At the bottom of the lake by the golf coarse they are still building the pyramid and its getting higher if they are then going to put the path on top its going to be high and a possibility of people falling off into the lake


Unless the paths are to get a top coat the quality of some of the paths leaves a lot to be desiredDSCF0783

How safe will the paths be as they have metal edges give it a while when they get broken and leave sharp edges and if you then fall it could be deadly


The bank by the bridge on the south side is now a mud bank



The goosanders have been out in force this week with lots of them on the lake. One of the problems of doing the paths is the effect on nature as it is there are puddles on paths which give birds etc  a source of water remove that and they have no were to drink as they cant drink from the lake. The wildlife group with all their money in the bank could put bird baths around the area to help wildlife?

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