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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Three Attacks by Fishermen on Swans in Queens Park



After the horrific Death of the mother swan who had 7 signets in the Queens Park which is still a mystery more attacks have happened this week. We heard disturbing news off a bailiff fisherman. He has witnessed twice in one day, two males fishing who purposely dangled bait in front of the cygnets and caught them up. The bailiff had to untangle them and threaten the males involved. Another witness told me how he had seen a fisherman hitting a swan with a keep net so that is a total of 3 attacks in one day. The mothers death is still a mystery as its claimed by the press that the RSPCA have no knowledge of it but it was quoted on Face Book that the park had called them and it was the wardens who had made the call but speaking to them this week they said they hadn't made a call and knew nothing about the dead swan. The body has disappeared and a request to the park were it went hasnt been answered. A vet who specialises in swans looked at our photo and said with out the body he cant be sure but it looked like a human attack from the photo as there were no canine teeth marks.


Legal status

As native wild birds, swans enjoy statutory protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and it is an offence to intentionally injure, take or kill a wild swan. 

The Act similarly protects the eggs and nests of swans. It is an offence to take or possess the egg of a wild mute swan, or to damage or destroy the nest of a mute swan whilst in use or being built. Unfortunately, swans and their nests are sometimes a target for vandals. 

Anyone seeing an offence against swans or other wildlife is encouraged to contact their police Wildlife Liaison Officer through their local police station.

There is history at the Queens Park of swan abuse with vandals stealing and smashing their eggs and no one does anything about it but now a new wildlife conservation group has been formed and the first meeting will be in the Queens Park pavilion Sun 6th July if you want to help save the wildlife in the park come along. You may wish to ask your local councillor why the CEC isnt doing anything to protect the wildlife as they have a duty of care. Since the attacks they have taken no action to patrol the park or get the Police in to investigate.


There are other problems in the park this week kids covered the CCTV on the bowling hut and then rode bikes all over the green. Above the Gulf War memorial that was regenerated by the ANTS now has all the new plants dying do to the fact that they plants have been left and have not been watered in hot weather. Its no good putting these things in then just leaving them to rot they need care in the early stages.

Further dead fish have been seen in the lake


People in Danger in the Queens Park?

Lots of complaints about the main path by the lake which is thick with smelly goose dropping which can be toxic to children and dogs. The CEC has failed in its duty of care leaving this in such a state

Canada geese feces can be hazardous to people's health, but usually only when inhaled or ingested. Walking past geese feces, or even lounging near them on the beach is likely safe for healthy people. However, the elderly, children, and pregnant or breastfeeding women are particularly susceptible to health risks posed by parasites that inhabit Canada geese feces. At even higher risk are those with weak immune systems, such as people with HIV/AIDS, chemotherapy recipients, and recent organ donors and recipients. Similarly, people with gastrointestinal (GI) problems, such as ulcers and irritable bowel disease, are also at increased risk, since they, too, cannot easily combat parasites from Canada geese feces.

Geese feces usually contain the parasites cryptosporidium, giardia, coliform, and campylobacter. Cryptosporidium poses the most serious health hazard, since it causes cryptosporidiosis, an illness with the following symptoms:

  • watery diarrhea
  • dehydration
  • weight loss
  • stomach cramps or pain
  • fever
  • nausea
  • vomiting

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Save the wildlife


There are still 6 signets left and we have lots of people watching out for them after the mysterious death of the mother. The controversy roles on with claims made by the press that the RSPCA no nothing about the death  even though the park made this statement on  Face book  Sadly Swan found dead on the lake this morning. RSCPA notified. All indications are eaten, possibly by a fox, no indication of being ravished by dog. Hence previous assumption removed off the web as unnecessary. However, mum may possibly find it difficult to look after all her young, so please all keep monitoring them and help. She has plenty of food thank you to all. Thank you Waynne also for your prompt call.


Queens Park wildlife conservation group

The group was setup after the death of a swan and other wildlife the aims and objectives are.

Urgent need for ramps onto all islands on the lake so wildlife can escape onto them away from human and natural predators

Islands to be planted with wildlife friendly plants to provide cover and suitable nesting

Lake plants need to be planted to provide to oxygenate the water and provide nesting for wildlife reed beds are needed in the middle of the lake for protected species that cant nest on land ie Grebe

Make the park more wildlife friendly by planting suitable bushes and plants to encourage wild life which fits in with the schools education programme

After a serious dog attack last year we were promised a dog control order which hasn’t been actioned dogs off the lead are a major problem as they attack wildlife and children the order is of no use unless dog wardens enforce it. The remaining swan was attacked last week by a dog off the lead.

Small water holes to be placed around park for wildlife to drink from as most can drink from the lake.

Log piles and bee hotel to get more insects in the park cost nothing and helpful for children’s education.

There will be a meeting in the park pavilion on Sunday 6th July 2pm all invited


There has been a lot of dead fish in the lake estimates between 50-100 and experts say this is down to failure of the CEC not providing plants for the lake or a fountain to oxygenate the lake. Its believed they all died due to lake of oxygen. This is all despite Cllr Jones promising last year to do all he could to protect the wildlife in the park they have failed to get the dog control order requested last year and no effort has been made to do anything for wildlife 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Signet Disappeared


After the death of the swan last week this week a signet has gone missing and its reported today that there are 100 dead fish in the lake. A member of swan watch witnessed a staffy type dog attack the remaining swan while it was off the lead. What is going on when will someone do something?

The Wagtails are about on the lake catching flies for their young and there is also baby moorhens on the lake they are very tiny and vulnerable


More illegal fishing below these came with big dogs and fished at the wrong end of the lake with bread which the ducks were trying to eat as it was floating make you wonder about these and the dogs?


Friday, June 13, 2014

Dead Swan


This is an upsetting image of the dead swan but it is evidence of what has happened. It is claimed on Facbook that it was found on the lake headless and a carcass on Tuesday am. But this photo was taken at 7:45 on Monday by 5 witness to its death. Its claimed its a fox. But the facts are its very rare for a fox to come out in the day when people are about and this happened in broad day light between 4-7 o'clock.    Foxes and swans have lived in the park for years and its never happened before. Why would a fox take on a swan when there is easy picking with other wildlife special lots of rabbits which would not put up a fight?

Foxes normally only kill for food and take the head straight away as its the most nourishing part. If it was a fox in daylight doing this are children safe? We know this was in the bushes the swans have never ever gone in the bushes.


But look at the swan it has a single hole in  the neck a bite from a fox or a dog would look like the above with the two canine teeth 25mm apart and a dog similar but wider so if there isnt the two bite marks it suggest it wasnt done by a dog or fox everyone who has seen the picture agrees with this. So what has killed it? As the body has disappeared we may never know and cant find out but a single hole suggests a shot or a arrow or something like that we will never know. If anyone saw the swans on monday let us know we know it was ok up till 4 oclock so if you saw it after then alive we can narrow down the time if you saw anything else or heard anything let us know. We have sent the images to experts to see if they can provide any more evidence as to what did this

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mother Swan Killed in Queens Park


The two swans have had 7 signets in the Queens Park a few weeks ago. Last year they had four signets the first time in 10 years but they all disappeared in mysterious circumstances. This year members of the wildlife group from the park setup Swan watch so members would come in during opening times to keep an eye on the swans. Last night 5 June at 7:15 they found mother the swan dead in the bushes it had not been eaten which suggests it was a fox that did this as that would have only killed for food. We believe its the results of a dog attack as dogs off the lead have been a problem for along time. Witness saw a greyhound type dog attack the signets a few weeks ago until a member shouted at the owner.


So far the signets are ok as dad below is looking after them taken today



A photo taken today of a dog off the lead heading towards the swans at 1:30. On Sunday a dog off the lead caused havoc around the children's play area for over an  hour. The park and the dog wardens refuse to do their jobs and protect both children and wildlife.

The Park has tried to cover up this story and are lying about the incident below you can see on QP facebook they claim it was dead in the water and reported to the RSPCA when it was reported the night before by our members why are they lying and trying to cover up what has happen?

Queens Park Crewe

13 hours ago

Sadly Swan found dead on the lake this morning. RSCPA notified. All indications are eaten, possibly by a fox, no indication of being ravished by dog. Hence previous assumption removed off the web as unnecessary. However, mum may possibly find it difficult to look after all her young, so please all keep monitoring them and help. She has plenty of food thank you to all. Thank you Waynne also for your prompt call.

Problems in the past are highlighted by this incident the same German Shepard was in the park off the lead on the day in questions.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Dangerous dog attack puppy Jax in the Queens Park


Monday @ 2 oclock I was standing by the Gulf War memorial in the park talking to a lady with a Yorkshire terrier and another man watch by the gardeners. A larges German Sheppard came towards of the lead both are dogs were on leads. I explained to the owner dogs must be on the lead in the park. The next minute his dog savagely attacked the lady ran for her life fearing for her dogs safety. Fortunately my puppy is an Alaskan Malumute and was able to defend his self while the man made vain attempts to stop his dog. He eventual got hold of his dog but became abusive and still refused to put it on a lead despite being shouted at by the gardeners and walked off shouting abuse with it still off the lead there were 9 witness to the attack.

We went straight to the dog wardens office and explained what had happened and told them he was still in the park so they could catch him. In front of 4 witness they state.

Its not an offence for a dog to attacks a dog and wouldn’t do anything or call the Police.

The don’t patrol the park

The cant enforce not having a dog on the lead in the park even though its stated as a bylaw.

Its not the councils job to deal with this sort of problem.

We pointed to another dog running loose and they did nothing for 15 mins then drove round the dog was a 3 min walk away.

We want the dog wardens to undergo further training so they can do their job properly a quick look at the official Government site

Shows it is a crime to have a dangerous dog loose, the council can enforce it and it is their responsibility. The site

States Dogs which behave dangerously may be seized by the dog warden, and their owners prosecuted. The dogs may be destroyed if the magistrate considers that they are a danger to the public.

This man is a regular in the park and never has his dog on the lead he normally goes by the bandstand between 12:30 and 2 oclock as do many others off the lead. The posh man and women visit at these times of the day with a black Labrador off the lead and they claim the law doesn’t apply to them. As the children are off school still and the park is now used for young children for education purposes its vital the dog wardens get out of their offices and catch these people. If a child had been near when it attacked it could have easily been killed by such a big dog. Its noted by many users that a certain councillor visit the park every day and sets a bad example with her dog off the lead.

Overview From Government website

It’s against the law to let a dog be dangerously out of control:

in a public place

in a private place where the dog isn’t allowed to be (eg a neighbour’s house or garden without permission)

The law applies to all dogs.

Some types of dogs are banned.

Out of control

Your dog is considered dangerously out of control if it:

  • injures someone
  • makes someone worried that it might injure them

A court could also decide that your dog is dangerously out of control if:

  • it injures someone’s animal
  • the owner of the animal thinks they could be injured if they tried to stop your dog attacking their animal

A farmer is allowed to kill your dog if it’s worrying their livestock.


You can be fined up to £5,000 and/or sent to prison for up to 6 months if your dog is out of control. You may also not be allowed to own a dog in the future.

If you let your dog injure someone, you can be sent to prison for up to 2 years and/or fined.

If you deliberately use your dog to injure someone you could be charged with ‘malicious wounding’. The maximum penalty is 5 years in prison.

Dog Control Orders

Local councils in England and Wales can issue Dog Control Orders (DCOs).

These mean that in public areas with DCOs, you may have to:

  • keep your dog on a lead
  • put your dog on a lead if told to by a police officer, police community support officer or someone from the council
  • stop your dog going in certain places - like farmland or parts of a park
  • limit the number of dogs you have with you (this applies to professional dog walkers too)
  • clear up after your dog

DCOs don’t apply to private land if you have permission from the land owner or person who controls the land.


If you ignore a DCO, you can be fined:

  • £50 on the spot (a ‘Fixed Penalty Notice’)
  • up to £1,000 if it goes to court

You can’t be fined if you’re a registered blind dog owner.

DCOs in your area

Local councils must let the public know where DCOs are in place.

Example If dogs aren’t allowed in a park, there must be signs saying so.

If the council plans to put a new DCO in place, it must put up a notice and publish it in a local newspaper and on its website.

The notice must tell you:

  • where the new DCO will apply
  • if there’s a map and where you can see it
  • where you can write or email to have your say - you should have at least 28 days

After 28 days, your local council will decide whether to go ahead with the DCO or change it. If there are lots of changes, the council will publish another notice, with the same timescales.

Report a dog

Anyone can report a dog and their owner to the police.

You can report a dangerous dog to your council’s dog warden service.

You can also report dog fouling to your local council.

What makes the above more vital is the schools now use the park for teaching young children the photos below are of what they learn and a powerpoint document can be download

Monday, June 9, 2014

Swans on Parade


The swans are doing well and the parents have learnt from last year and sticking closer to the babies this time. Above they are wandering around the park like troops on parade with mum in front and dad taking up the rear. They have spent a lot of time on the main drive and other grass


here they are on a nice sunny day taking in the rays


They are very clever swans as they have produced a poster to tell people to shut the main gate


A close up of one of the babies nice and fluffy


The bowling hut has had small plaques put on the drains to remember Frank Web and Richardmoon we are taking bets how long they will last. The ducting for CCTV has started going in so maybe that will deter the vandals.


The main balcony at the cafe is going to have to be replaced just a couple of years after it was built as the underlings structure isn't sound and will have to be replaced

Monday, June 2, 2014

Lots of New Wildlife


The bowling hut has at long last had its down spout fixed since it has been built the water poured on peoples heads as there was no spout as it should have had a fancy chain. Now they have boxed it in with a pipe so you dont get wet any more.


The heron has been on the lake nearly every day this week even though its been closed season for fishing


Last year we had lots of coots on the lake and they bred very well but there ahs been none for ages then this one popped up this week lets hope he brings his mates


The rare Barnacle goose has also popped up again this week he hasnt been seen for a while.


The swan still has all the signets and they are growing slowly unlike Nantwich were the swan lost young within a week.


One of the young all wet from a dive


Proud mum with her new babies there are a few duck with young now so lots to see