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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Have CEC Illegally Killed Badgers?



Above is the badger set in the park you cant see very well the large size of the hole but you can see the lighter soil thats been dug out at the front. Its illegal to harm badgers under the new law and specificly in the law you cant obstruct a set under  Protection of Badgers Act 1992,

Interfering with badger setts.

[F1(1)]A person is guilty of an offence if, except as permitted by or under this Act, he interferes with a badger sett by doing any of the following things—

(a)damaging a badger sett or any part of it;

(b)destroying a badger sett;

(c)obstructing access to, or any entrance of, a badger sett;

(d)causing a dog to enter a badger sett; or

(e)disturbing a badger when it is occupying a badger sett,

intending to do any of those things or being reckless as to whether his actions would have any of those consequences.

[F2(2)A person is guilty of an offence if, except as permitted by or under this Act, he knowingly causes or permits to be done an act which is made unlawful by subsection (1) above.]


DSCF1047  but this week you can see they have dumped tons of soil and mud on the set possibly killing the badgers. Last week we reported how they destroyed the main rabbit warren. I advised about them getting close a few weeks ago on the site but CEC seem to have no regards for nature or wildlife and the parks wildlife group are a failure not taking action on this matter. How many more wildlife die as a result of their actions? Even if this was a fox den its still illegal to cover it You can report badger offencies



The flower bed by the lodge is in full spring bloom this week


CEC cockup of the week is the nice new path to the old toilets which havent been used for years but now have a nice path


Rhododendron in the park is in flower thinking its spring this week


The path outside the cafe has now been hard cored


Now this is the strange bit which makes no sense the path that led down to the bridge is now gone instead you have to walk towards the cafe and then walk back on another new path back to the bridge. I see a lot of people just walking on the old path which now is grassed over to go straight to the bridge





At least they found a use for the tree they cut down


Gulls are taking over again this wekk with what seems like hundereds

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Lost Carnival reveals its mystery location as Queen’s Park, Crewe



The Lost Carnival reveals its mystery location as Queen’s Park, Crewe

28, 29 & 30 May 4-9.30pm

“Let carnival battle commence! …”

Over a century after the mysterious Lost Carnival disappeared, news has reached our ears that The Lost Carnival will appear at Queen’s Park in Crewe this May. For three short nights only, families will step into a world unlike any other in this large-scale outdoor immersive theatre experience from award-winning producers Wild Rumpus (Just So Festival) and So It Is (Bury Met, Ramsbottom Festival).

LAStheatre presents The Battle of the Carnivals, a story beyond your wildest imagination. Meet The Birds and The Ingenues - two rival carnival families battling for supremacy.  Expect spellbinding theatre and enthralling installations, circus, music, visual trickery and sideshows.

Every year, as summer arrives and the evenings grow longer, The Lost Carnival will appear in a different locality. The Lost Carnival in Crewe is the second Lost Carnival event with a limited amount of early bird tickets on sale now.

After intense negotiation between the two rival carnivals, The Ingenues and the Birds, our crystal ball has finally revealed the neutral location of The Lost Carnival 2016. Come one, come all to Queen's Park in Crewe for the most spectacular evening. A place rooted in the railways, a meeting point, what better place for the two greatest carnival rivals to come together once again?

The Battle of the Carnivals is about to hot up. Last year, the families from far and wide gathered in Bury and saved the Ingenue carnival, and we all thought that rival carnival family the Birds were bad eggs. But things are not always as they seem. Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook and Twitter as Popou Ingenue and Sergei Bird vie for your affections. It's time to pin your colours to the mast. #teamingenue or #teambird? 

The story will be revealed in the coming months in a series of podcasts, clues and archive footage, with families able to influence the drama in advance and at the live event. Look out for and meet curious characters popping up in locations across Crewe throughout May. Take part throughout the evening and witness a thrilling culmination if you dare.

Sign up online for your family to become Carnivalistas - enjoy unique experiences at each Lost Carnival event and support The Lost Carnival to do good work in the communities that it touches.

Sarah Bird, Wild Rumpus director says “Whispers have reached our ears that The Ingenues and The Birds have chosen the beautiful Queen’s Park in Crewe as the site for The Lost Carnival in 2016. Keep your ears to the grounds as the two sides begin to reveal their secrets. Make a choice who to support and help decide the most incredible contest in carnival history as “The Battle of the Carnivals commences.”

Start the adventure now. Snap up early-bird tickets, choose which family you will support, follow intriguing clues, receive secret messages, dressing up and reading inspiration. Sign up to the newsletter at and follow The Lost Carnival, Popu Ingenue and Sergei Bird on Facebook and twitter #thelostcarnival #teamingenue #teambird


The paths by the golf coarse and now the target for this week the old muddy steap path down to the lake has had hard core


You can now see the path through what was the woodland walk


The path around the lake is being done but there is a big muddy patch which was one of the main rabbit warrens in the park so once again wildlife are noot considered there home destroyed


Woodlane walk from the bridge side


Path down to the lake by the cafe with a path heading towards the cafe as money is tight why they are creating new paths when its been ok without for years


A  lot of gulls of varios sort in the park this week

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wildlife Suffering?


The path near the golf coarse have now had a seconf coat of hardcore you can see its doesnt go all the way to the lake. It will be interesting to see if they camber this a bit so it drains into the lake as its always wet with water draining form higher land.


The path on the south side has had its first coat of tarmac and the entrance at Morton RD has been tarmaced




The little wooded area near the small bridge has now had 2 path cleared out taking out more trees. Why 2 paths are needed a few feet apart  making 3 paths in 20 ft seems a bit over kill




You now cant get to the lake to feed the ducks the path to the bridge is closed and all that area is shut off. The wildlife are wandering about as they are not getting any food. Wild life doesnt count as far as CEC is concerned they could have fenced off closer to the lake so people could give food to the ducks over the fence. Better still finish the south side and open that up then close the other side


Once again for no good reason they are chopping down trees this one has been there for years so there is no reason to cut it down the path goes past it. Its the same as the south side were they claimed it was for the paths but the path route hasnt changed. At one time if you chopped a tree down you had to have good reason and had to plant a new one


Monday, January 11, 2016

Laurel and Hardy


For a few years there has been two duck Laurel and Hardy as they are called by people who feed the duck on a regular basis they were inseperable you never saw one without the other but for a few week there has only been the one(center of photo) rather sad give how close they were.


Half the park has been closed off this week all one side at the top is closed even though they are only doing the bottom bit at the moment.


All the sandstone is now in place by the golf coarse end with a rockery made in the new mud they have put down lets hope they plant some nice plants to set the bank off


The last path on the south side is now ready for tarmac so should be done by the end of the week lets hope they then open the south side.


The little woodland walk has been chopped down its seems a strange place to put a path

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year Review


As we all know we have had nothing but rain recantly even the grid in the park is over flowing but the coot is still in the park below




I started this website in 2009 it was going to be a 1-2 year project to turn the park back into the Jewell in the Crown it used to be. Here we are over 6 years later and still its not finished. The paths are being done at the present time but they don't include coronation walk which was one of the best parts of the park. Still to be done is Burma Island remove the old workshops and tidy the mess around there. We still have no warden and as such dogs roam off the lead with no one to stop them.

The gardens are struggling to cope with the work and basically fighting fires and are not able to create anything new or even maintain half the site. The islands were tidy and then the wildlife group took them over and now they are a disgrace just covered in weeds as the group hasn't touched them in over a year. They have had a lot of money for wildlife but spent hardly any. One of the side effects of doing the paths is to make it harder for wildlife as at present they can get water in puddles but may have no water they cant drink from the lake as its too deep. The wildlife group need to spend the money to provide drinking areas for wildlife the money is doing no good in the bank it needs spending for the benefit of wildlife. So will I still be here next year waiting for the park to be finished?