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Monday, January 11, 2016

Laurel and Hardy


For a few years there has been two duck Laurel and Hardy as they are called by people who feed the duck on a regular basis they were inseperable you never saw one without the other but for a few week there has only been the one(center of photo) rather sad give how close they were.


Half the park has been closed off this week all one side at the top is closed even though they are only doing the bottom bit at the moment.


All the sandstone is now in place by the golf coarse end with a rockery made in the new mud they have put down lets hope they plant some nice plants to set the bank off


The last path on the south side is now ready for tarmac so should be done by the end of the week lets hope they then open the south side.


The little woodland walk has been chopped down its seems a strange place to put a path

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