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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tree Felling at the Queens Park

queenspark 036

There has been a few complaints this week about what's happening at the park. Firstly a lot of trees are being removed by the new cafe and by the lake so you can get a betters view of the lake etc from the new cafe. About 6 have already been felled and there are more to come. Many people don't agree that trees that have been around for year should be felled in this way what do you think?

The second problem is that one of the park keepers is finishing in June and wont be replaced and there has been discussions going on if the other park keeper will have to go. How the park will be protected and who will be there to help people is still open to debate. Having spent 6.5 million on the park don't we need someone to look after it and be there to help?

Thirdly its believed that firm who have done the cycle track to Nantwich have agreed to do the main paths in the park on condition bikes can go in the park. Again many fear the BMX will then come in and put people in danger. While sensible bikers maybe fine what about idiots?

queenspark 011

The bowls hut is getting close to being finished as a new Zinc roof goes on and the main veranda is now in place. Lets hope its open for the new season.

queenspark 013

The lodges are having a roof maker over as you can see. As a lot of the work is behind covered safety sheets there is not a lot to see.

queenspark 022

The cafe roof is now not far off being done its seems to have taken forever to do the roof but its now looking good with all the daffs out(wonder how many will be left after mothering Sunday). Once the roof is done there isn't a lot of work to do inside as its a big open space.

The Boar war work has ground to a halt at the moment.

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