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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Queen Victoria's Big Nose

How many of you have noticed Queen Victoria’s big nose


If you look on the clock tower you will see she now has a big nose. It should be a image as found on the penny black but they got it wrong and will now have to be corrected.


There is good news on the cafe above we can see the woodland walk next to the cafe. The new owners of the cafe the Pickle Jar hope to have it open by the 22nd August maybe with a basic menu to start with but are hoping to put on more menu soon.


The lake has turned a nasty green with weed and algae which the gardeners have been fishing out but it does look a mess.

Sadly the Grebes seem to have gone and their eggs are missing as reported last week kids were seen trying to steal the eggs. We dont know if they succeeded in stealing the eggs and the Grebes then moved on or not but its a sad reflection on society when this happens.

pupils from Edleston primary school and friends

Some more pictures of the Royal visit with Charlie Chaplin

Queens Park 054Queens Park 074Queens Park 138Queens Park 193Queens Park 201Queens Park 207Queens Park 212Queens Park 236 

Nice to see the old train is alive and well just a shame it cant stay in the park but if it was there it would be on Ebay by night fall

Thursday, July 28, 2011


2011 (2) Photos 668

Councillor Brian Silvester  has been presented with an Outstanding Achievement Certificate from the Prime Minister to mark his 35 years of dedicated service as a Councillor.

David Cameron wrote on the certificate that "it gave him great pleasure to mark Brian's outstanding service to the Conservative Party. They say a week is a long time in politics. So for you to have dedicated so many years of your life to serving our Party makes me incredibly proud. Thank you on behalf of every Conservative Leader, Member of Parliament and candidate who you have helped."

Brian also received a letter of congratulation from the Chairman of the Party Baroness Warsi. She  wrote that she "would like to thank Brian  on behalf of the Party for all he had done during an impressive 35 years of service as a Councillor. As leader of the Conservative group three times, Deputy Leader twice and the Council Leader twice you have been at the forefront of delivering excellent quality and great value for money Council services. Your recent time as Mayor of the Borough was a fitting reward and recognition for the great contribution which you have made to your community."

Brian said," I am delighted that my long service as a Councillor has been recognised in this way by the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Party. I was very surprised but  extremely pleased to receive the Outstanding Achievement Certificate. Thirty five  years service as a Councillor is a remarkable milestone in my life. There have been numerous highlights and successes and I will always treasure those.

I greatly enjoy serving as a Councillor. There are two main aspects of the role. Firstly I find it very satisfying to help constituents with their problems and concerns. Secondly it gives me an opportunity to improve and shape our local community.

I would like to thank all those residents who have voted for me to be their Councillor over the last 35 years. It is an honour to serve them. I would also like to thank the local Conservative Party members who have selected me to be their candidate and helped me get re-elected to the Council time after time.

I now look forward to the next 35 years !"



Sunday 14th August 2011, Starting at 1.45pm

This year the Willaston Fete will be held on Sunday 14th August 2011 on the Letty Spencer Playing Fields in Wybunbury Road.  It is being run by Parish Councillor John M Flackett assisted by Ian & Stephanie Potts and Pat Hudman.  Everything is in progress for a really good afternoon as it was last year when approximately 500 people attended on a lovely sunny afternoon.

John will be using the same entertainment as last year ie The Road Train Ride, Cheshire East Children's Entertainment, a Tug of War between 26th South West Cheshire Willaston Scouts and the Wistaston Troup, Cheshire Creative Children's Entertainment will Face Paint, Funky Hair Styles, Temporary Tattoos, Balloon Modelling and Party Bags.  Ray & Chris Hulme provide Music and PA, Mick the Chip will provide the food, Shelly the Ice Cream Lady, Richard (Jack Frost) with his Bouncing Castle and St John’s Methodist Chapel will be putting on Tea, Coffee and Cakes plus the use of their Toilet Facility.  Chris Grimes will be playing his guitar to entertain you all, side stall will be Willaston History Group, COG and the Clean Team, also Cheshire East Recycling, British Legion, Guide Dogs, Cheshire Police, Children's Book Stall, Coconut Shy & Skittles and the 26th SWC Scouts will be staging a Camping Exhibition.

Also, there will be a fine display of Racing and Sports Cars from Simon and Tom Chadwick (the local garage) together with Vintage and Classic Bikes and Cars.  In the Arena will be kids Fancy Dress, the best wagging dogs tail and a display from Willaston’s own dance troop plus Crewe’s Matrix Troup Dancers.

The procession will start at 1.45pm from Moorfields Corner (The Village Green) with our New Rose Queen 2011, Ellie Mae Pointon travelling in a 1930’s Ford Model AA with her five attendants, Bethan Goodwin, Olivia Lord, Gladys Llewellyn, Charlotte Caldwell and Ffion Owen.  Going up Wistaston Road into Wybunbury Road and finally going onto the Letty Spencer Playing Fields where she will be met by last year’s Rose Queen Emily Bennett and her attendants.   Local Cheshire East Councillors Brian Silvester and Margaret Simon will open the event and Mrs Judy Heywood will crown the new Rose Queen.

Cllr Brian Silvester said, “The village fete was revived last year by Mike Heywood and it was a great success. Everyone had a lovely time soaking up the village fete atmosphere and the sunshine and a lot of money was raised for local good causes. I hope the people of the village and the wider Crewe and Nantwich area will come out in force to have a wonderful free afternoon out.

I congratulate Parish Councillor John Flackett and his organising team on their great effort to put on such  a popular and worthwhile event. I would also like to thank the Willaston Parish Council, Cheshire East Council and all the local groups involved, for the support they have given to make the Fete possible."

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Royal Visit Part Two

Friends Meeting (23)
Tuesday 26th July, 2011   5.30pm
At   Games Pavilion, Queens Park, Crewe


1.    Apologies

2.    Minutes of Last Meeting

3.    Matters Arising

4.  Consultant Presentation by Ian Bright,  Architect / Director -
SBS Architects, Manchester 

5.  Summary of VIP visit 19th July, 2011
6.    Public Celebration, Sat 10th September, 2011
“Your role”!

7. Any Other Matters

8.    Date of Next Meeting

Queens Park 143Queens Park 144

Photos of the royal visit to the new cafe. The queens Park display at Tatton can be seen here on youtube.


One of the side effects of the royal visit is the barriers were taken down for the day and people took the opportunity to get around the park like the south side were the Grebes are on the nest and this has caused problems as the mother has been disturbed and kept jumping off the nest.


What is worse that yobs were seen about to enter the lake to steal the eggs but they were shouted at by people watching and so far they have survived.


The cafe is now finished apart from odd little bits to be fixed and I managed to get a shot from the other side of the lake. As most of the effort this week has been the visit and putting fences back there isnt a lot more to report this week


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Royal Visit


The Queens Park had a Royal visitor this week.

Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester (Birgitte Eva; formerly van Deurs; born Henriksen, 20 June 1946) is a member of the British Royal Family, the wife of Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, who is a grandchild of King George V.

Together with her husband, the Duchess of Gloucester undertakes royal duties on behalf of the Duke's cousin, Queen Elizabeth II.

The Duchess of Gloucester is patron of a large number of organizations, many of which have medical, educational or welfare connections. She has also accompanied the Duke of Gloucester on his official visits overseas: her first such visit was in 1973, when The Duke and Duchess represented The Queen at the 70th birthday celebrations of King Olav V of Norway.

The Duchess is sponsor of two Royal Navy Ships: HMS Gloucester and HMS Sandown. The Duchess is the patron of Bliss, the special care baby charity. She is also patron of St Paul's Cathedral School, St John's School, Leatherhead and Bridewell Royal Hospital (King Edward's School, Witley) and regularly attends functions at all three schools.

After the death of Princess Diana she became the president of the Royal Academy of Music.


She visited the Queens Park at 2 o'clock we will have picture soon. She then went on to Tatton Park were I met with her and the Duke at the display of the Queens Park at the event


The display show the Queens Park as a pop up story book with the lodges and clock tower and pictures of a spider and web to represent Webb who helped to create the park. If you going to the flower show be sure to take a look and even win a hamper

Monday, July 18, 2011

Wildlife Special

In the Queens Park this week we have had twtchers the cause of the excitement has been 

The Barnacle Goose

A rare site at this time of year this far south


Branta leucopsis


Swans, ducks and geese (Anatidae)



A medium-sized, sociable goose, with black head, neck and breast with creamy-white face, which contrasts with the white belly, blue-grey barred back and black tail. It flies in packs and long lines, with a noisy chorus of barking or yapping sounds.

Where to see them

Largest numbers on the Solway Firth (England and Scotland) and on Islay, Scotland.

When to see them

October until March.

What they eat

Leaves, stems, roots and seeds.

Estimated numbers

UK breeding 1,000 birds (feral)

UK wintering 68,000 birds



We have a nesting pair with a few eggs visible in the nest.

Small to medium-sized water birds, characterised by their pointed bills (long and dagger-like in larger species), round bodies, tiny tails and legs set far back on the body.

The legs are flattened and the toes have broad, leaf-like lobes, so that the forward stroke underwater has minimum drag but the backward stroke can exert maximum pressure for forward movement. 

They are expert swimmers and divers but unable to walk on dry land. They build floating nests anchored to aquatic vegetation. Many other species are found almost worldwide

They have an elaborate courtship display in which they rise out of the water and shake their heads. Very young grebes often ride on their parents' backs.

Where to see them

Lowland lakes, gravel pits, reservoirs and rivers. Also found along coasts in winter.

When to see them

All year round

What they eat

Mainly fish



What they are after is our fish



We also have baby Coots nesting on the lake banks pinching all the straw from the lake. It was interesting to watch them dragging stuff from the lake to build the nest as other Coots has nested far out from the bank.


There are lots of other youngsters about and tame enough to eat out of your hand.


The only problem we have in the park is Kids kicking and chasing young wildlife. If you bring you child to the park teach them respect for wildlife and dont let them hurt young babies

Restoration Nearing Completion?


A day of celebration is being held at Queens Park in Crewe to mark all the restoration work that has been carried out over recent years.

On Saturday, September 10, the park will be alive with music, song, dance and a whole host of fun activities for people of all ages.

Some of the highlights planned for the free event include:

  • Dance routines from local groups;
  • Falconry displays;
  • A hilarious travelling theatre show;
  • Play and sport development activities including Nordic walking;
  • Funfair;
  • The Heritage Centre miniature steam train;
  • Charity stalls; and
  • The Starquest 2011 talent show finale.

In addition, there will be a procession involving pupils from several Crewe schools which will travel from Pyms Lane to the park, led by the Crewe Sea Cadets Corp Band.

Reaseheath College is joining forces with Crewe and Nantwich Horticulture Society to present a fabulous local produce and activities show, including demonstrations.

The climax to the day will be a huge pyrotechnic show including fireworks, flame shapes, gas jets and special effects from 9pm. Arena activities start at 4pm.

Councillor Rod Menlove, Cabinet member with responsibility for environmental services, said: “This is set to be a great day and with so many events on offer, there is sure to be something for everyone.

“In Queens Park, the town, along with Cheshire East, has a great asset and it is only right that we celebrate the excellent restoration work that has been carried out there.”

Councillor Roy Cartlidge, ward member for Crewe St. Barnabas and Crewe Mayor, said: “Events like this really bring the community together and it is only right that we celebrate Crewe’s rich heritage and exciting future.

“I would also like to encourage people to dress in Victorian period clothing for the day. I will be easy to spot in a top hat and waistcoat and I am looking forward to seeing the other outfits on show.”

This week has been mad with everything happening all at once in a prelude to the royal visit next week. Its hard to know were to start so starting at the main gate they have been cleaned up and looking good.


The lodges are finished and the gardeners have even got the flowers in for a usual show of colour. The path between the lodges has been resurfaced.


All the rubble by the lodges leading to Coronation Walk has been levelled and there have been lots of bulldozers putting in top soil in the area.


The most work has been around the cafe and the Boar war statue you wouldn't believe the difference to the area in a few short days.


The lions have returned back to the original position from years ago as they have for many years been to high.


The side of the cafe has been landscaped over looking the woodland walk.


This is the view from the cafe veranda looking out onto the lake. The only blot on the landscape is the hot weather has turned the lake green at Tipkinder end.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Queens Parks X Factor


The talent show was on In the Queens Park on Sunday. There was some good acts despite the bad weather.


Just like the X factor we had the judges But who was playing Simon Cowl


The Cafe has come on in leaps and bounds this week  with it all virtually finished


The Clock Tower has also been finished. The broken stone work has been replaced and the clock face had a face lift with the weather vane and metal work repainted. The whole structure has been cleaned


The Boer War Lions have been cleaned and put back in their original position which is lower than they have been for 50 years.


The area around the statue is getting a face lift with new surfaces.


Tommy is also looking refreshed after being restored


On the wildlife front the Heron has been around most of the week



I spotted a Dragon Fly the other day taking in the Sun