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Monday, August 30, 2010

Big Balls in the park

hs10 017

A strange site for anyone entering the park today as giant balls were seen floating about. It turned out the local firm  Zorb it events

had brought the Zorb over for a fun day out so people could give them a try and there was lots of interest as the kids all wanted ago. The new play area was heavily used as well and the  official open is tommorow

hs10 033

Saturday, August 28, 2010

More on the Play Area

qp 001

Just to remind everyone there is no Procession this year for the Carnival

More pictures of the new children's play area they were just finishing painting the railings as I was there today. Its open but there will be an official opening on Tuesday

qp 003 qp 012 qp 013 qp 016

The Bowls hut is now back on track with the footings back in

qp 017

Over near the main entrance the mud mountain by Coronation Walk had bulldozers levelling it out. It will give us a flat road so its safe for disabled and all so help to support the outside wall which was in danger of collapsing. It will be levelled off  and a smooth path down to the walk

qp 020 qp 023

The Cafe now has the floor in and a few bricks

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Children's Play Area Open


The fences down the main entrance have now been moved right back to the Coronation Walk  so there is a lot more grass for people to walk on now


At the picnic area the railings have been taken down and moved to the new children's play area to stop children running into the road


Next to the picnic area the new range of keep fit equipment has now been installed so there is no excuse for not keeping fit


The equipment includes steppers twisters and press up equipment

DSCF1999 DSCF2001

The big news is the new play area will be open from Friday 27th August ready for the carnival


The last minute fittings going in are the swings


The swirly thing above


Trampoline above


Another swing type of thing


The railing are being installed that were removed from the picnic area. The opening is just in time as the kids are still off school and I have no doubt there will be lots coming to try out the new area.


Next door the Fair is in town ready fro the Carnival

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Return of Dobin


All go this week as a crane was on site putting up steel work for the Cafe


You can now start to see something happening with the cafe as it slowly starts to take shape


I wondered what was going on with the bowls hut I could have sworn the foundation had been put in but its all gone. It turns out they had made an error and been 1.3 meters out so they have had to start again


New keep fit equipment has gone in at the rear of the bowls hut so now you can get down to the park and have a free work out. I am sure the Park manager will be there every morning leading by example


A long last an old friend Dobin has returned to the Queens Park play area It an old favourite of many children and was condemned this year and removed. But now its back having been restored back to its former glory and to bring pleasure to the next generation of young children in the new play area


The play area other equipment is going in thick and fast but there is a delay for the massive climbing frame which first need planning permission.

The trees that were cut back last week at the Tipkinder entrance have now been felled


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cafe and Play area


The main work on the cafe is the old flower beds at the back has been removed and new foundation are being installed. It has involved moving a lot of soil from the raised flower beds so the foundation could be laid


The play area work this week has been around getting in the safety surface and paths for the area so there doesnt seem to be a lot of work done but getting the safety base down is a big job


In the same area the two trees at the entrance have been trimmed right back and I believe they will be removed so new gates can be installed

Monday, August 9, 2010

Eco Arts


Eco Arts from Moss Farm in Preston came down on Sunday to let people have a go at Willow Weaving. People of all ages took part learning how to make Birds and baskets from willow. It was surprisingly simple to do with both children and older people making things on the day.

You can contact Jeff or Heather Allen of Eco Arts tel 01772-435992 Mobile 07878-936346 or email

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cafe, Play area and Bowling


A new climbing frame above and swings below are the new pieces of equipment that have gone in this week on the play area


The Bowling green has the basic foundation now in see below


The Cafe the first layer of bricks is going down at a rate of knots so we can see things moving once more


The next meeting of the Friends of Queens Park is on the 8th September at 5:30 this time its in the lodge all are welcome