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Saturday, August 28, 2010

More on the Play Area

qp 001

Just to remind everyone there is no Procession this year for the Carnival

More pictures of the new children's play area they were just finishing painting the railings as I was there today. Its open but there will be an official opening on Tuesday

qp 003 qp 012 qp 013 qp 016

The Bowls hut is now back on track with the footings back in

qp 017

Over near the main entrance the mud mountain by Coronation Walk had bulldozers levelling it out. It will give us a flat road so its safe for disabled and all so help to support the outside wall which was in danger of collapsing. It will be levelled off  and a smooth path down to the walk

qp 020 qp 023

The Cafe now has the floor in and a few bricks

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