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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bridge update

Work on the base for the bridge has gone ahead this week with concrete arriving on site mid week with the wood templates in place ready for it
By Friday the wood has gone and the new concrete is in place

Help Needed Charles Dick

We have a relation of Dick, Charles who is trying to find any information on
him or any photos if you have anything please contact us
Born at Broughty Ferry in 1838, he served an apprenticeship from 1854
under James How at Monifieth Foundry. After short times as a workman
in the marine-engine shops of J. & G. Thomson on the Clyde and of James Jac
k & Co at Liverpool, he was taken-on in the Crewe erecting shops in August
1860 after walking to that place from Liverpool in search of work.
In 1862, while a chargehand erector, he attracted the attention of young
Webb at the evening classes of the Mechanics Institute where he won a prize.
Webb brought him into the office as a temporary tracer and draughtsman, and
in 1863 he became an established member of the drawing office staff at 8s 4d [42p]
a day. He succeeded Kampf as chief draughtsman on 15 December 1871 at a salary
of £160 a year raised in steps to £225 at the end of 1874 and, as he himself wrote,
with heavy work and long hours. Under his charge were developed the designs of the
Webb Precursors, Precedents and coal engines.
In February 1877 he was appointed manager of the signal department at Crewe; he
had manufacture, installation and maintenance in his care, with much outdoor wor
k along the line in all weathers. G. P. Neele, the LNWR traffic superintendent,
paid him compliments for his signal work in Railway Reminiscences ( 1902).
In February 1882 he succeeded Worsdell as works manager, though the appointment
was still styled indoor assistant. He died on 2 June 1888 of chest and kidney
complaints at the age of 50, but in essence he was worn out by the work and its
responsibilities following his hard and often penurious youth. In reporting his
death to the Locomotive Committee Webb said "he was a very able and faithful
servant of the Company." A grant of six months' salary, less amount paid on
sick leave, was given to his four children aged 23 to 14, for he was a widower.
Dick came to take much part in Crewe local affairs. He was deputy mayor to Webb
in the Jubilee year of 1887, and presided at the public dinner to celebrate the
Queen's Jubilee and Crewe's railway jubilee, for Webb as mayor of the borough
was away at the national thanksgiving service in Westminster Abbey. He was treasure
r of the Mechanics Institute 1875-81. After Dick's death in 1888 a shelter was
erected in the then new Queen's Park i
n memory of him; he himself had supervised the layout of the park.
Webb and Dick always got on well together and were much of an age.
One of Dick's letters preserved long after his death shows him to have
been human and unaffected, and gives a good first-hand account of
Crewe in the mid-1880s.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Burma Island

Most of the work in the last 2 weeks has been done on Burma Island and also some on the bottom island.
Burma island has had the walls all rebuilt from scratch and its not far off being finished
These wall should last for years. Work hasnt been helped by heavy rain for the last two weeks as diggers have been stuck in the mud but its all coming together and progressing well.
Friends of Queens Park have a meeting on Tuesday 8th December at 6:00 pm at the queens park jubilee Cafe were everyone is welcome to come along.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Queens Park Bandstand

The work on the bandstand is progressing with the roof repairs well under way take November 2009
Some pictures of the bandstand as the crane lifts the dome off the bandstand
It is then lowered onto a trailer to be repaired off site
The crane moving in ready for the lift
A close up of the bandstand at the start of restoration

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Autumn Color in the Queens park

Autumn is a wonderful time in the park with some really colorful sites so armed with the trusty Finepix s1500 I have captured so of the scenes for those of you who have missed it

The big tree by the childrens play area
A colorful tress by the lake October 2009
Childrens Play area and lovely yellow leaves on the tree behind

Two shot across the lake as the trees loose their leaves
The tree by Princess Diana memorial from two directions

Winter moves in

The work continues this week on Burma Island with the soil and wall being removed and lots of cages being built at the front. What they are for I dont know I expect we will find out in time I assume some sort of template for the bridges.

There has been a lot of work going on and lets hope the lake will be open next March

With November the park shows its other side with Autumn color and the gardeners have come up trumps with a fine pansy display. It just goes to show no matter what time of year the gardeners put on a fine display for us and there is always something to see.

The ducks are not being left out as people are still feeding them even as winter approaches and the fallen leaves make a wonderful carpet of yellow