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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some pictures sent in and other taken May 2009. There has been heavy rain and the Valley Brook has been flooded resulting in the wormscrew getting full of rubbish washed down from the brook.

For those that don't know and in simple terms the wormscrew(seen below) was made in Crewe Works in 1913 and still in use today. At the Tipkinder end the water enters from the Valley Brook and when the gates are open the water flows under the park lake.

It then comes out at the old bridge on the golf coarse(seen below)and goes under the golf coarse and continues in the brook down to the Rising Sun. If the gates are closed the water flows into the park lake to fill it and if its too full they can open the gates at the golf coarse to drain any excess. So the simple method controls the lake and prevents flooding

Some pictures sent in by reader dates unknown. Below the island with all its bushes compare it to other photos of the present were the islands are bare
An old picture of the lake
The lake again with ducks one of the main attractions of the park for kids
More ducks and the bridge in the distance
The wall garden as it was with lots of roses
The lake looks like Autum again with the bridge and island

Friday, May 15, 2009

Queens Park Behind The Barriers

15 May 2009 I was privileged to be able to get behind the barriers in the Queens Park to report for the website. I like everyone else hadn't seen behind the barriers for years and I found it very sad I remember a few years ago going to the park everyday with the dog and listening to the news at 1 pm sitting in the park by the walled garden or the blind garden along with many other people on their lunch break. Then it was in beautiful condition full of flowers roses and bushes.

What I found was a park that had reverted back to nature overgrown in a mess I saw rabbits the size of dogs running about in the long grass. I am sure it will all come together in the end but there is a lot of work to get it back to any way near its old self. I was the head gardener at Bostock hall a similar place to the Park with lake, woods etc and that was is in a rundown state and took years just getting the grass back to a reasonable state.

I have been given permission to return to the Park and take new photos as work develops so we can report it on the website. The website will in effect become a living history book of the restoration which is a new use of a website. The press can print an odd photo of the site but we can produce videos and lots of pictures for users to see the progress until its final finish probably 2010

Above the Band stand flanked by the 2 trees some work has been done to the bandstand this week
The top lawn area near the blind scented garden with the magnificent weeping tree note how half lawn cut and half uncut
The top lawn again facing the other way showing the entrance to the scented garden
Coronation walk once a rose covered walk to the bird houses
Further down the path past the coronation walk
The same path further down with dirty path and old seat
The other side of the path along the woodland walk still a very beautiful walk
Down by the lake and Burma Island close up
The footing for the new bridge to Burma island already to go just awaiting the bridge
The old bridge just past the cafe again the footing are in ready to go
The top lawn with the mud taken from the lake which will be used within the park
Another view of the woodland walk by the little stream
The old water fall next to the birdhouse that was
The walk from up the hill showing the wild grass
The walled garden once full of roses and plants now bare the water fall will not be replaced
The main entrance in full bloom
The scented garden created for blind users

View across the lake of the other side of the park I will try and get some photos of that side in the near future

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Queens Park The Way It Was

Pictures sent in by our readers dates unknown

Above Flower beds looking across to the pavilion

Ducks by the lake with fisherman in the distance

The Queens Park lake with nice reflections

Autumn scene with nice tree colors by the lake

Colorful bushes location unknown

Friday, May 8, 2009

More old photos of the park

Woodland walk near the aviary
Coronation walk
Main Entrance to the park
Lake with the bandstand top left
Lake the bottom end
Lake and boat house
Pavilion and statue
Walk near the aviary

Park pavilion from across the lake

The bridge
Main Entrance
The old slide at the play area
Good Picture of the lake

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More old Pictures

Keep the old pictures coming in

Send your old Queens Park Pictures

Above the water fall near to the aviary

The old bandstand

The scouts display by the Boer war statue 1976