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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cleaning Windows 7 in the Park

gf 009

Well not exactly cleaning Windows 7 or even windows 7 but a George Formby appreciation Society after noon of fun and songs by the great old singergf 014

With singers from Dab Town and over the Border in Wales the concert went on for over 2 hours. The band tried to play quicker to finish faster but it didnt work. gf 019

A lot of people sat around on the lovely sunny day to listen the the great music its such a crying shame it could have been in the new bandstand after all thats what its there for but next perhaps. I am sure the band will be back to give us a tune another day

gf 022 gf 029

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Restoration Progress



Everything is going on this week above the new play area is getting under way by Tipkinder with paths and foundations going in.DSCF1436


The big mystery  this week is what are the green bales in the lake as seen above? The answer is to help stop the algae its basically straw bales  which should hold and collect the algae.


Over near the main lodge the mountain is growing this is in fact the old mountain from  by the bandstand being moved along with other rubbish to  the old path. Once finished it will cut out the old very steep path down to Coronation Walk which was unsuitable for wheel chair users. Once completed it will be a slight incline that everyone can use

The Cafes last Days




The Cafe saw its last this week The roof tiles were removed in the week and by Thursday (above) they were removing the roof



Today all that is left is a pile of bricks but the dozer made a perfect  frame for the war memorial. Its hoped work can start next week building the new one but it may take some time to clear the rubbishDSCF1452

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Going Going Gone


The work on the Bowling Green has started and its soon been knocked down all that is left is a pile of rubbish . The Bowling green is till open so people can still playDSCF1317

The cafe should have been knocked down this week but has been delayed as they had to check the roof for Bats before they could knock it down. Its hopped the work will start next week

A reminder to everyone the Friends meeting is not on next week as it clashes with the football

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cafe Update

qp 003

The bowling Green above and the cafe are the next things to be renovated. The Cafe has been fenced off ready and demolition will start Wednesday/Thursday this week. They will have to start work early and work late as they cant bring any lorries into the park during the day so they have to fetch everything in before 9 o'clockqp 008

The Lake is half full or is it half empty but its looking good after all this time qp 023

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lake still filling


As you can see the lake is still being filled at the rate of 4 hours a day. They cant fill it any more due to restriction of the Environment Agency as it would effect wildlife etc down stream. Its beginning to look good and the duck are still having a great time

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Queens Park Lake Old Pictures

feb 08 076

All these pictures were taken about 2003 above the old boats in the greenhouse

 Park Lake 24-08-2003 001

Most of these are of the lake in one shape or another showing the trees and skyline . What do you think is it better now or then?

Park Lake 24-08-2003 002 Park Lake 24-08-2003 015 Park Lake 24-08-2003 016 Park Lake 24-08-2003 019  Park Lake 24-08-2003 021 Park Lake 24-08-2003 028 Park Lake 24-08-2003 029 Park Lake 24-08-2003 030 Park Lake 24-08-2003 031 Park Lake 24-08-2003 032 Park Lake 24-08-2003 038 Park Lake 24-08-2003 039 Park Lake 24-08-2003 040 Park Lake 24-08-2003 041 Park Lake 24-08-2003 042 party on 079 party on 080 party on 081 party on 082 

Burma Island  bridge it will be a while before we see it like this nowparty on 084

Finally a couple more of the bandstand

party on 087 party on 088

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More old Pictures of the Park this time Lake bridges

Once again thanks to Brian Stubbs for these pictures all taken about 2003 when the old bridges were in placeNew ImagePark Lake 24-08-2003 017 Park Lake 24-08-2003 022 Park Lake 24-08-2003 023 Park Lake 24-08-2003 024 Park Lake 24-08-2003 033 Park Lake 24-08-2003 042

Old Pictures of the Bandstand

fx3 230

Brian Stubbs has found all these old pictures of the bandstand from about 2006. Thanks go to him for sharing these with us

fx3 231

Winter scenes of the bandstand as it was

party on 089 party on 093 party on 094

Here we can see the state of the roof as it was before it was restored

 party on 096