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Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Bedding


In the main drive the summer beading has now been planted out but there is something missing in the picture above can you spot it?


The Boer War base is getting a make over with a new surround going in which I would think will be done next week


The heron now seems to have taken up residence in the park as its been seen all week.


There is a few rabbits with babies been seen around the cafe this week so they seem to be doing well.

We are waiting for the lodges ,cafe,Boar war, clock tower and monkey hut to be finished all should be done in the very near future

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gone Fishing


We have had a Heron in the Queens Park this week doing some fishing



Also there are a few Robins about which you dont expect to see this time of year and they are very tame I got to within 3 feet of this one.


The main drive has had the new road put in and its only taken them a week to lay the edging stones and tarmac it.


They are now clearing around the Boer War statue and the entrance to the cafe

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Something Fishy at the Queens Park


Some time ago we reported over a 1000 fish were put into the lake but this is the first time we have been able to see some of them they are as yet very small well the ones that have been seen anyway.


They seem to love the weeds which looks a mess in the lake but its actual aerating the water and the ducks love it.


The main drive edging one side has now been done and work on the other side is well under way. The edging is granite and will look very nice once its all done.


The Hut on the new play area is getting under way with the roof on.


and the old play area has now been levelled and seeded over and will soon be a nice grass area.

On the south side the Monkey hut is being rebuilt


The hut was dedicated to Charles Dick centre


CHARLES DICK J.P. (1838-1888)

Manager of Crewe Railway Works (1882-1888)

His career shows how a man of humble background,

may, by energy, perseverance, and intelligence,

rise to a position of influence in the community.



Another duck was out and about showing off her new family this week. There has been a lot of babies this time. What was shocking that as myself and another lady stood feeding the babies a child of about 3-4 years old came up and tried to kick the babies as his mother stood there saying nothing. Its surprising how many parents let their children chase the poor baby ducks. It a sad reflection on society were people have no respect for wildlife and what will these children grow up to become if parents allow it? If you see it contact the Park staff this again highlights the need for Park Wardens

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Cafe and Bowls Pavilion inside first pictures


The bowls hut building is finished and only the decorating and minor things left to do.


The first look inside shows the lockers and other minor things left to do and painting is under way so hopefully it should soon be open.


Inside the new cafe the situation is similar with the doors going on and minor work inside to finish off. The cafe is different in that once its finished it still cant open as the building will be finished but the new management will then need to install the kitchen equipment  before it can open.


It does look nice an bright inside with all the windows letting the sun in.


At the main lodges there has not been much progress to see as its all  sheeted off and a lot of the work is inside. This week they are starting on the new sandstone wall at the rear of the  east lodge.


The main drive is all go as at last the new paths are starting to be laid with a granite edging and drains going in with great speed this week.


The old play area has been removed and top soil has arrived ready to be put down.


We have had some nice days this week and one of the most popular attractions is the train trip around the park on the mini train


The lake is picturesque but we still have the problem with the weed coming up.


The babies are out on the lake and enjoying the sun as well this week with mum on guard

Queens Park opening event



You can click on the picture for a full screen view