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Monday, September 20, 2010

Sluice gate repair


The Sluice Gates at Tipkinder which are used to fill the Lake were getting a overhaul this week. Originally made in Crewe works they are generally working well but a few improvements are needed.

DSCF2112 The Cafe is progressing with walls going up at a good rate of knots

DSCF0278 The mud mountain near the main road has had bull dozers on it all week levelling it off and creating a slope into coronation walk thankfully the 3 million year old stone has now been removed from the walk into the office before someone through it away thinking it was rubbish


Its been a strange week with on one hand the Butterflies still out enjoying the flowers and what we think of as a winter visitor the Robin seen down by the lake


What is clear is that winter is on its way as Autumn comes to the park with the first trees starting to change colour the trees on the far side of the lake are the first to go. There will be some good pictures  in the near future as Autumn colour takes over


Friday, September 10, 2010

Park Meeting


This week we had the Friends meeting which was postponed from July and details can be found on the Friends of Queens park page


A lot of work has happened around the Cafe this week. The new steel work arrived and was put in place with a crane

DSCF0234 DSCF0242 DSCF0244As you can see the cafe is now taking shape  with the basic walls and steel work in place you can appreciate the size of it now 



The fence around the lake has been replaced between the two bridges and the gardeners have been seeding the slope so it can be fully opened once the grass has grown. But it does mean you can now take some pictures of the lake

DSCF0262Outside the park by the Golf Coarse the path has now been laid which will be part of the cycle track to Nantwich



Finally the bowls hut walls are starting to grow and this was one of the hot topics at the meeting as to prevent the project going over budget the hut will not now have any shutters on the windows


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lots of Work at the Park


The main drive is at its best with all the hard work the gardeners have done and everything is now in full bloom


The bowling hut is now getting underway again with the base concreted in


The cafe is beginning to take shape  as the wall near the lake is being built up



The metal fence near the lake has been removed between the bridges and you can now see the lake at its best. The duck were struggling after being used to going under it the plastic fence was keeping them guessing how to get under


Finally on the top near the bandstand were all the excess  mud  had built up they have bulldozers levelling it off so hopefully we will soon be able to use the new bandstand


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fencing Removed

queenspark 041

The metal fencing around the lake was being removed to day and replaced with a nylon barrier which means you can see the lake better and take pictures of it now. The bank has to be grassed over to make it safe and they should start that this week. Up near the band stand the bull dozers were hard at work getting the top areas straight again

queenspark 026 queenspark 028