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Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow progress

Progress has been slow at the park this week due to snow, frost and rain. The stones for the top of the wall were due to be done but couldn't be done with it freezing. There has work been done on the Broadwalk as the template for the bridge is being framed ready for concrete.

A lot of the hardcore 800 tons that was used to get the bridge in last week is being removed to be used in other parts of the park.

Burma Island has been cleaned up ready for the bridges and planting and work on the other islands has gone ahead ready for being planted.

Our friendly rare Mandarin duck is still strutting about the park and looks a bit like Roadrunner keep your eyes open for him.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Second Bridge arrives at Queens Park

The second bridge arrived at the park today. It taken all week to lay over 800 tons of hardcore in order to get the crane and bridge on site with over 300 tons just for the crane. Its not the biggest bridge but as it has steep paths to it there was difficulty getting a massive lorry and crane down to the site.

It started at about 11 o'clock when the steel work came first and was lifted into place as we all held our breath. As it was built off site and the tolerance was in millimeters would it fit? Well it was perfect right down to the bolt holes. The steel had struts on it so two parts could be lifted at once. It took to about 1:30 to bolt the steel in place.

The bridge then came on site being reversed down a steep hill on a big lorry this was a good bit of driving on the drivers part with only inches to spare. The bridge was split into two parts and lifted into place with no problems. It gives a good idea of what the new bridges will look like when its all finished. The next bridges for Burma Island are expected about 17th March

The steel structure in place waiting fro the bridge
The bridge arrives on the lorry ready to be lifted
The first section being lifted into place

The second section is lowered spot on
The bridge complete with just some boards to go on it.

While we were watching the bridge we caught site of the rare mandarin Duck swimming in the lake I had not seen it for a couple of weeks since I last took its picture but its still here
Work was also going on around Burma Island to build up the base to the new wall the new coping stones for the lake walls are expected next week when there will be lots of bricklayers on site to get them laid

Friday, February 12, 2010

The wall around Burma island has been built for most of this week

The second landmark bridge is to be installed at the historic Victorian, Queens Park, in Crewe next week.

The bridge is 14.5 metres long and is supported by tubular steel with timber beams, decking walkway and handrails.

Last month the very first bridge, Tipkinder, was installed to a fanfare of media and public attention and Coronation Bridge is promised to be even more impressive.

The media are invited to witness this historic installation on Wednesday, February 17 from 12 noon. The installation is expected to last throughout the afternoon. Please come to the Tipkinder entrance off Queens Park Drive.

Members of the public are also being encouraged to come along and witness history before their eyes. For those who want to get a close-up view please call the park manager, Elaine Dodd, on 01270 537896 so she can arrange a public viewing area.

To allow these extensive works to be carried out, around two thirds of the park have been closed off to the public, but it’s hoped that three quarters of the park will have been re-opened by the end of the year.
Other works in the pipeline include a planning application for replacement buildings, the largest of which is the new pavilion to replace the Jubilee Cafeteria built in the 1970s.

Modern in design, it will be made out of sandstone and glass to give customers impressive views over the park’s grand grounds.

Planning permission for a new bowling pavilion is currently under-way and designers are in talks with the Queens Park Bowling Club to get the best facility possible. Both buildings will have newly refurbished public toilets.

Derek Morgan, Chairman of the Friends of Queens Park Group, said, “Things will start to move very quickly during the Spring and Summer months. People will start to see a real difference as the Park is brought back to its former glory”.

The East and West lodges will also be improved and up-dated and there are plans for a “Memorabilia Lounge” at the West lodge.

Councillor Roy Cartlidge, of the Crewe West Ward, who has supported the project throughout, added, “The installation of the main bridges will be a significant part of the Park’s history and are intended to last the next hundred years and beyond. “

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


photo the old bridges in the 1960

The meeting this time was a short one but well attended despite the cold weather. Matter raised were trying to get a webcam and Wifi for the park and the development of the play area. Most other things were covered by the chairmans report below

Friends Chairpersons Update:
a. Bandstand Completion
b. ‘New’ Buildings Package / Planning Consent
c. Works in Progress

a. Bandstand:

Lost Art are in the final stages of the completion of works. Approx 80% has been finished as can be seen. Predictable delays to finalizing stone work due to ground frost, completion any time now.

b. New Building Package:

Three Planning Applications have been submitted – 1. The new Cafeteria; 2. Bowling pavilion and 3. Depot building. Consent for all 3 is expected by mid March. Will probably result in closure of cafe sometime during the summer months, mobile catering arrangements will be arranged to enable a service of light refreshments.

c. Tolent Works

Tolent have been on site for 20 wks following acceptance of the contract.

Works have focused again on lake edges and islands plus preparations for bridge abutments and foundations etc.

The Inlet Bridge at the TipKinder end of the lake was installed on 27th January about 1.30pm.
This will be followed by the installation of the Coronation Bridge next Wed 17th, which will be installed in 3 sections. Probably from mid morning on the 17th through to mid pm. on the 18th.

This will be followed by the installation of the Burma Star bridges (x2) and the Broadwalk Bridge.

65% of the lake edge preparation wall works have been completed with only the West side of the island to finish. Approval of materials for coping stones is to be confirmed this week.
There is some extensive work to access roads to be done, to support the large cranes needed to ‘swing’ the bridges into place.

It’s good to see that last week and this week the Park is a hive of activity with 19 men from Tolent on site working on the lake edges and bridges with 15 also remaining on site this week. Five men from Lost Art are working on the completion of the bandstand and a team of 3 park gardeners have been clearing weeds and overgrown vegetation from the Coronation Walk Valley in preparation for the next contract package.

The cold weather has caused some delay however the contractor is aiming to catch-up as much as possible with bridge installations taking place almost back-to-back.

The bridge fabricators are working very well off-site as will be seen by those visiting the factory in Huddersfield next Tuesday.

Filling of the lake is anticipated by the end of the summer subject to unknown obstacles.

I would like to introduce you to Dave who has kindly attended from Tolent Construction – the main contractors on site; should anyone here have any technical questions or issues they wish to raise. (Open to floor). Thank you Dave.

Work in Progress:

We are all eager to see the PG works commence and consultation with Sir William Stanier School has continued. An expression of Interest notice on the CE web site attracted 34 contractor responses. This has been whittled down to 6 potential suppliers. The disabled requirement has yet to be confirmed from the consultation with the additional funding sourced from an ex-C&NBC Mayor.

The project will take 3 forms, appealing to all age ranges. Toddler Equipment, Youth Equipment and Equipment for All Ages i.e. Outdoor Gym style. Some works may be subject to further external funding which the Project Officer is pursuing.

A copy of the children’s presentation which is being used to draw up the specification is available.

Further funding:

Additional Wren bids are being prepared to support additional works identified:

• Computerised irrigation system to facilitate more efficient bowling green maintenance
• Lake Water aeration system and improvements to inlet and outlet mechanisms
• Play Ground Outdoor /Gym and possibly installations over 4m high.

Item 7
Visit to Bridge Fabricators

5 Places remain on the coach for anyone wishing to attend next Tuesday leaving QP Lodge at 10am. Seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis – does anyone here wish to attend please – it will be a very interesting day for all?

Item 8
Events List 2010

Copies of programme available.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Queens Park Treasure

A nice little item for the past turned up at Queens Park thanks to Mrs Marjorie Taylor from Bedford Street.

Marjorie obtained this little treasure from Sam and Francis Buckingham’s clearance shop, once situated on Nantwich Road, some 35 years ago.

It’s a small handbag mirror depicting a picture of Queens Park Lodges and the Clock Tower. We don’t know what is was produced for or when and wonder if anyone else out there may have any information or anything similar? It’s likely there will be a memorabilia room in the Lodge once the refurbishment is completed; so dig out those small items of treasure for anything you may wish to donate.

Its believed that there were also medal given out at the park

If you have any objects contact

Elaine Dodd

Queens Park Manager

West Lodge, Queens Park,

Victoria Ave, Crewe CW2 7SE

Tel: 01270 537896

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tree Fellers at the Queens Park

The lake wall section by Burma island has now been built in a very short time and more wall building is going ahead this week
This week we have seen the tree fellers working in the park removing dead trees like the one on the island above which will be replanted in the near future. other trees in the park have been felled and pruned as needed.

Date of next meeting for Friends of Queens park is on Tuesday 9th February 2010- 6pm Jubilee Cafeteria

Everyone is welcome so come along and get a free brew and get the latest news on the park. We hope to see you there but failing that we will report after the meeting what happens