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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dakar Rally enters the park


People today were amazed to see the Dakar rally enter the park in fact it was two girls doing the street dance work shop who came in via Moton rd and drove down by the lake up the muddy path to the bandstand and were then going to go over the burnt bridge. How they got the car round the lake is a miracle in its own right and I am saying nothing about women drivers. LOL They did a workshop on street dance  in the cafe. The Nantwich & District Band were also playing today in the bandstand



The destruction continued this week as the Bowls hut was attacked and all the facia was removed from the windows along with grids and drains. The playing of football on the green is still going on and the gardeners are spending lots of time repairing the green. from next week we are down to only two gardeners in the park.


Events update

Sun 29th July
Nantwich & District Band
11am – 12.45pm
Sun 29th July
Break dancing/Street Dancing
2 x half hr spots
2pm – 4pm
Mon 6th Aug
Street Sports
1pm – 3pm
Sun 12th Aug
Punch & Judy by Ian Davies
Wed 22nd Aug
PLAY DAY in Queens Park
Play Association. All day event
Thurs 23rd Aug
Children’s Centre Events
10am – 11.30-am
Sat 25th & Sun 26th Aug
A Voice for Lions
Local talent show & events
All day event
27th & 28th Oct
Bob Fields Grands
Shanaze Reade BMX Track
Tip Kinder Park. All day event
Sat 3rd Nov
C&N Lions Fireworks Grande
Evening event
Sun 16th Dec
Christmas Lantern Procession
Evening event

Message from

Elaine Dodd

Queens Park Manager

Open Space Development

01270 686708

Dear All,

May I please request that everyone forwards me a letter of support for the next Heritage Lottery Applications which is currently being complied.

Please indicate your support for the project (this is a new application so no mention to the old works should be included as this won’t be considered), indicating why you consider the works important  ie footways, accessibility, lighting level, boating platform, electric for eventing, historical features, re-introduce Coronation walk, Burma star island /memorial etc etc., information signage... or simply just to bring QP back to her original Victorian glory, securing use for future generations..... – in fact anything you consider is important to the project/park/town.

Please write on behalf of your organisation or as an individual – or both!!!

Please address to myself:

c/o Pyms Lane Depot

Pyms Lane CREWE CW1 3PJ

Monday, July 23, 2012

More Vandalism in the Queens Park


The vandalism continues despite the Police patrols above we see they have started carving into the bridges this week.


An on going problem is kids playing football on the bowling green with studs  on and ruining the green today (Sunday) it wasn't just kids adults were there with their kids playing football. The gardeners are having a hard time repairing it daily. Again Sunday and kids were there fishing, dogs off the lead chasing wildlife and other dogs not on the lead. Is it so hard to keep a dog on the lead? if you want to let it off then there are two fields with 1 min of the park you can do that many people are terrified when they see dogs off the lead and with young children and wildlife its very dangerous. When a child get mauled then something will be done. 


The Nut hatch put in an appearance again this week he has not been seen for weeks.


The Grebe have now only got one baby left but he is doing well. You would never recognize him as a Grebe if you saw him alone more like a Zebra. He can now dive on his own but still often rides on mums back he is hard to take a picture of as he only get off mum for short times.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Baby Moorhens


The Moorhens have had some young this week and so far they have survived the Gulls the parents get stroppy with anything coming close so here's hoping. The Grebe kept two chick and you cant very often see them as they ride on mums back they are a great team as the father brings fish for them and mum. Everything else is quiet the normal yobs have been about throwing the bench's in the lake


Friends of Queens Park Meeting
Monday 2nd July May 2012
The Games Pavilion, Queens Park
Sheila Blackburn Elaine Dodd
Howard Curran Sheila Curran Bronwyn Dean
Mike Worthington
Noted – Holidays and LAP meeting same date.
2.0 Previous Minutes
3.0 Matters arising
Following previous comments, new bins have been placed in the park. Also 2 or 3 benches were placed at the west side, but these were moved and/or trashed immediately.
4.0 Chairperson’s Report & Summary
(presented by Elaine Dodd as Derek Morgan delayed in traffic)
The Chair attended a Project update last week with various representatives from Cheshire East Council. Whilst we are all aware of the outstanding issues, which are frustrating for everyone, he was most pleased to see they were making great strides to finalise snagging works and move the project forward. We can only hope the second application for funding is favourably received by the Heritage Lottery. An initial submission has been made and the complete business plan is required by August time, so there is a lot of information to get together, complicated by what Heritage Lottery will fund and what has previously been allocated for funding at the last round.
To action works - The local authority now have what is called a Corporate Landlord. This Division is extremely supportive regarding the Park and has got a grip of making progress and sorting Contractors and Consultants information following the retirement of Allan Leah. There have been complications as there are design and workmanship anomalies and a large lump of contract monies are being withheld to ensure these issues get sorted.
It is intended to employ the services of a new Architect and QS to again assist in driving things forward. This will help the very small team immensely. Such a small staffing level is unknown with regard to such projects.
The Management Maintenance plan is finally almost signed off. The Heritage Lottery have made comment and provided further advice on this, so the final step is to get the council leaders to accept its contents. Whilst that might sound strange as written in-house by the new Project Officer, it does mean that resources will have to be committed on an on-going bases, to ensure the Park gets adequate budget provision.
Once again the only works happening at this time are all SNAGGING WORKS. The Charles Dick plaque has now been purchased and erected. His great Nephew visited from the South and is delighted about our efforts. He has left a great deal of historical information with Elaine about his great Uncle if anyone would like to call in and see it.
Other works have been repairs in response to vandalism. It is stressed that all Friends should help be the ears and eyes for the Park and dial the Police 101 line for any incidents seen... they will respond. There is a Police meeting with Elaine and all security partners tomorrow, 3rd July, to hopefully increase their attention to the Park. Needless to say there has been an on-going dialogue with the Police following recent anti-social behaviour and damage caused. The damage to the bridge is most serious as was one of the fires to a holly tree, which now has to be removed. Costings for various security options have been presented to the Director for consideration, including a bid of up to £30k for CCTV – We await with interest to see what happens with this; obviously it is required sooner rather than later. In the interim, additional security is being brought in at staggered times, both during opening hours and after closure. Again it will be interesting to see the outcome of this and whether or not it is effective.
Thank you to those who volunteered to do works around the Park, in particular the Bowling Club. Notices up re volunteers for bench painting are clearly displayed – thank you for that.
Do we have any volunteers please to conduct some Market Research? – this was put to the last meeting but only one or two volunteered –Sheila is still collecting names if you can assist.
Thank you to the volunteers who turned up and supported the Jubilee weekend – all of the activities happened through volunteers:
Lisa Prime, Daniel Prime and Roy Prince who kindly gave up their Bank holiday for the Park.
Thanks also to Howard & Sheila Curran for the Heritage Walks, he has now completed two.
Also, to Sheila Blackburn for clay Modelling and Painting day - again supported by volunteers. Thanks to Derek Morgan and Mo Grant for kindly giving up their time to help.
The schools ‘SEAL’ day happened with Ben Wye who did a fantastic job of co-ordinating everyone’s involvement. It was great to see so many young people enjoying the Park grounds. The Council’s Sports Development Team also did a fantastic job arranging activities. The Friends’ Secretary is to prepare a letter of thanks to them from us all.
A VOICE FOR LIONS....... This will be a talent show, presented by The Crewe & Nantwich Lions Association. Charity stand sand stalls are also to be invited along. The top prize will be an impressive £500! This event is particularly important as there will not be a Carnival this year, it will also support the annual visiting funfair. Derek will be looking for volunteers to assist over the weekend.
The remaining events programme is: ....
Sun 22 July Nantwich & District Band
Sun 29 July Break dancing / Street Dancing 2 x half hr spots. Plus, a recent addition – South Cheshire Pipe Band have kindly agreed to come along, at no charge!.
Sun 5th Aug Date available
Sun 12th Aug Punch & Judy by Ian Davies
Wed 22nd Aug PLAY DAY in Queens Park - Play Association
Sat & Sun 25th 26th A Voice for Lions - Talent Show & Events
Sat 3rd Nov C&N Lions Fireworks Grande Display
16th Dec Lantern Procession TBC
Plus, the Nordic Walking dates programme developed by Cheshire East Councils Sports Development.
Those present debated the main points of the Chair’s Report as follows:
? Fire damage to bridge: confirmed no CEC bridges insured
? Meeting with Police: how will they be investigating these criminal acts of arson
? CCTV: where cameras might be positioned to give maximum coverage and how evidence collected might be used
? Additional Security: Elaine has costed out various alternatives
? Local Councillors: Secretary to write personal letter of invitation to each of 12 local councillors to a Friends Committee meeting about Security and maintenance. Mike Worthington from The Pickle Jar noted that present systems are not working and that we need to look at alternatives – his suggestions included Social Enterprise to attract funds.
? Maintenance agreements: Howard Curran recalled how the old Crewe and Nantwich Council allocated funds for (eg) gardeners and noted that Cheshire East did away with all such agreements as soon as it was established.
? Mini-marquee training: on behalf of volunteers, Secretary asked for a training session one evening so that the marquees can be used at fund-raising events in a prominent position. It was agreed that she will contact those interested to arrange a suitable time and date.
? RSPCA: Secretary has e-mailed concerns about wildlife in the Park to the local RSPCA and forwarded replies to Elaine so that she can let them have a record of all incidents logged.
? Secretary to write to George Broughton asking about fence that has been erected on Burma Star island
Date of next meeting – We will announce this as normal and inform you all.

Monday, July 9, 2012

R.I.P Max


Its been a sad week week this week as many of you know Max above has visited the Queens Park every day for the last few years. Many people loved him as he was so peaceful. We have had him over 8 years he was a recue dog with seven homes before us. He suffered with a rare eye complaint which meant most of his life he was going blind till in the end his vision was very small. He loved the park and often lay there while ducks pecked bread of him. This week we had to say good bye as he was in pain from his neck ,not eating, sad. He had a good life with 10 mile a day walks and he was a good dog you could leave chocolate on the low table and he wouldnt touch it. He is sadly missed.


We have now got a Alaskan Malamute puppy Jax above he is only 9 weeks old and when full grown will be 130 lbs plus and be able to pull several tons on a sledge and will look like the dog below. Jax has his own blog as people want to know how you raise these dogs. Once he has had his injection and big enough he will be seen around the park like Max

The grebe at long last has some young just born on Saturday you wont see them unless you double click on the image and view it full screen they are two scrawny little things.


We thought the gulls had taken the young as they dived onto the nest and flew off but I caught them  on camera and it was the last egg they got as you can see below. They are worse than vulture hovering around the nests


The Police are now patrolling the park and they have covert operation running to catch the vandals they told me today. As normal as soon as they had left the park two 35 year olds with their wives and dog were in the park and the dog attacked the wildlife right into the lake. I pointed the sign out to them dogs must be on a lead. I was then met with the normal abuse and four letter words mind my own business get a life etc. Then one threatened to smash my head in that is the action of a sniffling coward who thinks he is big threatening a OAP. It sad when people are so sick they feel the need to pick on oap's they never know who these oap's are and may get more than they bargained for


Monday, July 2, 2012

More problems at the Queens Park


The summer bedding is now finished and given a few weeks it will  be at its best so pop along and have a look


A lot of baby rabbits about this week a bit timid but there are lots to be seen if you walk around quietly. The swans and Grebe are still  sitting on the nests and its hoped we will see some new life from them soon. What could be more important is the Barnacle Goose has been sitting on a nest for a while. It a very rare bird in this part of the world but they have never bread in the uk there were some at Tatton Park in 1972 but they never had young so if ours has young even crossed with others it will be a national event.


The two holes in the path covered in metal plates above have been filled in this week as kids were pushing the plates off leaving deep holes


The kids have removed the edging stones from the gates making it simple for them to break in at night and cause more damage.


The gardens had a metal boat to  get to the islands to weed this week and they pulled it ashore while they had dinner. Next minute these two cheeky chappies  were in it and away with it as they pulled it from the lake we had visions of them stealing it and walking down Alton st with it to cash it in. You could imagine the Police report be on the look out for two lads in a boat down Alton St. The Police came with a few mins and caught them. So remember any problems in the park call 101 and ask for Police at Crewe they are responding quickly and the more reports we have the better the evidence to get Wardens back