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Monday, July 23, 2012

More Vandalism in the Queens Park


The vandalism continues despite the Police patrols above we see they have started carving into the bridges this week.


An on going problem is kids playing football on the bowling green with studs  on and ruining the green today (Sunday) it wasn't just kids adults were there with their kids playing football. The gardeners are having a hard time repairing it daily. Again Sunday and kids were there fishing, dogs off the lead chasing wildlife and other dogs not on the lead. Is it so hard to keep a dog on the lead? if you want to let it off then there are two fields with 1 min of the park you can do that many people are terrified when they see dogs off the lead and with young children and wildlife its very dangerous. When a child get mauled then something will be done. 


The Nut hatch put in an appearance again this week he has not been seen for weeks.


The Grebe have now only got one baby left but he is doing well. You would never recognize him as a Grebe if you saw him alone more like a Zebra. He can now dive on his own but still often rides on mums back he is hard to take a picture of as he only get off mum for short times.


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