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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bridges Finished

There is a nice display at the main entrance to the park as the spring flower continue to flourish
The bridges are now all done and the paths to them completed and now we come to a grinding halt until new work gets underway. The next thing is the Cafe and play area and the cleaning of the lake and the paths on the south side so people can at least walk around part of the lake. No dates are given yet for any of the work to start

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Queens Park Bridges

All the bridges are now finished bar a few cosmetic fittings above the Burma Bridge from Morton Road
Coronation Bridge taken from out side the park with a Fugi s1500 Finpix with 12 optical zoom note the wall is now finished
Same bridge from the other side
Pictures of the massive Broadwalk Bridge one of the biggest bridges of its kind.

Below the bridge with daffs out

Friday, April 16, 2010

Broadwalk Bridge

Its been a buzzy week at the Queens Park the island by the golf coarse has now been planted out ready for summer
The Broadwalk Bridge is all but finished above early in the week they were lowering the last parts into place and then came the job of putting down the actual rails.
A view of the bridge behind the daffs and spring color
By the end of the week the path to the bridge was well underway as you can see it was just a big hole on Monday. By Friday the bridge was but finished just minor things to be done to finish it off

Monday, April 12, 2010

Broadwalk Bridge

A massive crane was on site today to finish lifting the final part of the bridge into place
There had been problems last week when the crane refused to lift as the wind was to high but with today being a nice day all went well

The final piece goes in and the rails and cross member have now to be installed

Island Planting

The second island is being planted and the gardeners are working hard to finish it. That is two island now planted with only Burma Island left to plant
The main entrance is a spectacle of Spring color and well worth a visit

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Broadwalk Bridge Update

Unfortunately, there has been some delays through the weather causing concerns with this installation which remains underway.As you now it was hoped to complete the installation around Easter so we are about 1 week behind.

Health and safety considerations means the large crane cannot operate with winds 25+mph. Last week these averaged 23mph and so was too close to the tolerance for installation.

The good news is the first section is in. It is anticipated the second section will be Thursday of this week, weather permitting – winds forecasted at 12mph at this time. Unfortunately, there was no crane availability to rearrange for today.It will take probably a week to install and complete, with the decking the week following.

Contractors remain on site and are top soiling the lake edges at this time. Also, they are finishing the installation of the handrails on the Burma Star Bridges; additionally they are working with our gardeners to enable the West Island to be planted up this week.

But as you can see there are some good floral displays at the park with spring bedding now in full bloom

The wall on the lake is nearly finished and the island near the golf coarse is ready for planting any time now