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Monday, May 22, 2017

Cheshire East Council steal copyrighted image?



A photo taken of the new sign in the queens park and draw your attention to the second photo down on the left of the lodges. This is clearly a stolen copyright image taken from my website      you can see the small cloud on the right is identical
It was stolen from

This is not the first time the park management have stolen my photos the whole management is in total disarray. We had the problems with them committing wildlife crimes and interfering with badgers due to  their cockup. They are still refusing FOI act request for information about the badgers the only reason I can think of is they are covering up criminal acts.

Last year we had the paths done and crimes were committed against badgers and the firm buried the controls to the sluice gate under the new path which meant the lake kept flooding as it couldn't be emptied so the same firm get the contract for the waterfall and its still not working as the feed is out of the water as the pump is not getting water to cool it it can soon get ruined.

The planting by contractors has been a joke were they have planted into weeds so the new plants cant be seen for nettles and you cant mow or weed the bog garden is planted and instead of killing weeds the butter cups are not bigger than the plants. With all these things why are the jobs not  inspected after and then refused payment until its done correct you wouldn't pay at your own house if it was a mess. In February I reported 22 dangerous tree branch's and dead trees   To Elaine and George nothing has been done and health and safety should be top priority any of them falling are big enough to kill.

This isn't lack of money this is money being wasted on bad workmanship and its tax payers money that's being frittered away. One has to ask are the management fit for the job someone need to take responsibility for these cock ups    and someone should be asking why on several occasions have the council committed wildlife criminal acts one would expect their to be serious question asked about staff competence.

The same problem exist with the friends group people got roles with no vote and it was for one year until they changed the rules so they could stay in longer years later they are still there as they just vote each other in


Even if the pool was full the pipe is barley under water


A few years ago I rescued the oldest stone in Crewe which was left in Coronation walk he has now been returned to the walk


More plants have gone in at the side of the lake these were on the original plans of the restoration to improve the water and help wildlife were there are stacks around the lake it should have plants


Monday, May 1, 2017

Waterfall Failure all ready




The new stream and waterfall has failed all ready after only a few weeks. The whole design is flawed and doomed to failure. The water is pumped from the little pond by the lake it then runs down the stream back to the pond and it will loose some water by evaporation. But some goes to the base for the bog garden which is a pond all most. So which bright spark thought that one up? Over time if there is no rain the water leaking to the bog means its slowly empting the pond as it not refilled. So then the water will get low and the pump wont be able to pump water only air and may then blow the pump up as it wont be cooled by the water. This is what you get when people dont know what  they are doing. The answer is cheap drill some holes in the pond wall so the lake will keep it full as it will then be at the same level as the lake. Holes higher up the wall are needed so if there is a lot of rain water can seep into the lake above the water line. The water fall its self has no pressure and half the area is just going mouldy as its barley a trickle down stream but this may be adjustable.


A new sign erected in Coronation Walk


A massive pile of mulch appeared by the hut this week and is being spread on Burma island