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Sunday, June 26, 2016

‘Armed Forces Day’


They have been grinding down the trees they chopped down for the path the tree that had stood for many years and had no effect on the path why people ask


The gardeners have done most of the summer bedding in the park it takes a few week for it to reach its best


The baby moorhen is growing very fast now and out on his own




The restoration of the Boar War memorial is now finished the second time its been renovated since 2012 the details are in for Coronation walk below that will greatly improve things for wildlife as at the moment they cant get any water



Report by Jonathan White, Wistaston

‘Armed Forces Day’ - - took place at Queens Park in Crewe on Sunday 26th June 2016 from 11am to 5pm. The event also incorporated the first Crewe Military Festival.

A march took place from Victoria Gardens to the Boer War Memorial in Queens Park, led by The Royal British Legion Riders Branch and followed by The Band and Drums of the Cheshire Constabulary, cadets and military veterans. The Parade Marshal was Mr M Kay.

There was a respectful Remembrance Service led by Rev Ken Sambrook with prayers, an Act of Remembrance which included Reveille, a two minute silence and the Kohima Epitaph. There were hymns and the singing of the National Anthem.

The event also included performances by a children’s choir, a military band, drill parade competitions, a craft marquee, bouncy castles & games for children.

Organisations represented included Scouts, Friends of Queens Park, The Cat 107.9 FM community radio station, Help Our Wounded - Royal Marines Charity, Cadet Corps, Royal Naval Association, The Royal British Legion (Crewe Branch), Royal Air Force Air Cadets, Creative Crewe, Barnie's Community Hub (West St, Crewe), and a First World War Battle of the Somme centenary historical exhibition.

A rededication service was also held on the Burma Island.

The event was attended by several hundred people.

Donations will be divided between Royal Naval Association and The Royal British Legion.

There were hundreds of other events around the United Kingdom to celebrate and mark Armed Forces Day.

The march enters Queens Park - The Band and Drums of the  Cheshire Constabulary (1)


Remembrance Service - panorama at the Boer War  Memorial


New signs have been installed on Burma Island and the memorial stone has been renovated


Monday, June 13, 2016

CEC nearly kill badgers in the park again


The damage to the bandstand has been repaired the large stones were removed for some reason they thought that would be funny


At long last the men have been working on Burma island and the flags have now gone down and cemented in place and its now open


I was very luck to be able to stop all the badgers being chopped into little pieces this week as a very large tractor was on site mowing and was going over setts with the grass cutting disks. I shouted at the man and stopped him but he had run over one sett before I got to him. I explained it was a criminal offence to disturb badgers the second time in a few months they have done this and once again it was reported to the Police as a wildlife crime. The offence has started a outrage on Facebook from badger groups in the area. A local group has now been formed to protect the badgers in the park and they will check them on a regular basis. Many have come through out the week to see that they are ok and a survey was done over the weekend were more setts were found in hard to get to places.  If you would like to join the group and keep the badgers safe contact me



The plants around some of the lake are growing and wildlife is there playing hide and seek.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Dirty Lake


Two new Moorhens this week


They have been cleaning the rubbish by the sluice gate but as a results the lake is very dirty and stinks


The other moorhens are growing but look at the state of the water their walking in




The bottom island has lots of yellow from the broom Burma Island is looking good but the path is still fenced off as the flags have to be relayed and the man is off sick  there must be others who can fix the cockup.