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Monday, June 13, 2016

CEC nearly kill badgers in the park again


The damage to the bandstand has been repaired the large stones were removed for some reason they thought that would be funny


At long last the men have been working on Burma island and the flags have now gone down and cemented in place and its now open


I was very luck to be able to stop all the badgers being chopped into little pieces this week as a very large tractor was on site mowing and was going over setts with the grass cutting disks. I shouted at the man and stopped him but he had run over one sett before I got to him. I explained it was a criminal offence to disturb badgers the second time in a few months they have done this and once again it was reported to the Police as a wildlife crime. The offence has started a outrage on Facebook from badger groups in the area. A local group has now been formed to protect the badgers in the park and they will check them on a regular basis. Many have come through out the week to see that they are ok and a survey was done over the weekend were more setts were found in hard to get to places.  If you would like to join the group and keep the badgers safe contact me



The plants around some of the lake are growing and wildlife is there playing hide and seek.

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