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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More problems with Fishing


Another new bench this week up near the Bandstand


The people fishing at the moment are supposed to be responsible fishermen but they continue to be a menace we have had rods left in the lake while the illegally use the bushes and leaving a rod unattended is also illegal, we have discarded hooks, not fishing on the pegs. What they are doing now using 30ft poles is blocking all the foot paths with their poles so people can walk around the park in safety. This is going to be a major problem in summer when lots of people want to walk down the paths and cant. On Saturday they were fishing off the pegs, fishing down by Tipkinder, blocking paths as you can see. If the fishing club cant control these  people now when there is only  a few then come summer when there are lots its going to be bedlam. One man acting as bailiff who only comes around once a day simply wont cut it.   


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New bench in the park


Last week we had one greylag goose this week there were four of them they keep coming and going two are ringed and two arnt.


A  new seat has arrived in the park under the big tree near the cafe which is an ideal place to sit if its raining or nice and cool in the summer. Its the first new one for a long time and its in memory of Eve & Reg Buckingham a family I have know for over 50 years I am sure it will give a resting place to many tired people in the summer 


Applications for the new footpaths  budgetary provision has been submitted and passed Gateway 1, Gateway 2 is underway for presentation in Feb.  Hopefully, looking positive, however, full council approval required.  Jacobs engineers are working on the designs at this time, with hopefully an early start in the new financial year, subject to the above. 

There is still illegal  fishing on the lake as its supposed to be restricted to the bottom half of the lake but people were out fishing today near wildlife on Tipkinder end so much for bailiffs

Friday, January 10, 2014

Another new year in the Queens Park


The start of another new year in Queens Park its now over 6 years since I started the website it was supposed to last a year before it was all restored but we are still waiting for that day to come. As  you would expect this time of year there is very little happening in the park. We have had the idiots with their xmas present's of boats using them on the lake showing little regards for the wildlife. So we all thought there is a god when the idiot chasing ducks with the boat lost control and it ended up stuck in the middle of the lake.


We have had a greylag goose return o the lake as well as the Grebe coming back from time to time. The wildlife seam confused with the mild weather and show signs of mating. Some birds seem early as nut hatches have been around this week.