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Friday, December 29, 2017

CEC refuse to make the Queens Park Safe

Despite all the evidence the council still refuses to make the park safe they claim they inspected the park in October If they did they must be blind as the dead branch's were reported to the park manager and ANSA  and was in the Chronicle and still today nothing has been done. They claim dead wood help biodiversity which is fine if its in a wood that no one visits but in a public park its deadly.  I was the head gardener at Bostock hall which is a bigger site than the park with woods and lake and even a small dead branch falling from 20ft can kill or maim.

The only conclusion one can come to is the Council doesn't care if the public gets killed or injured when presented with photographic evidence there can be no doubt there is a high risk  of injury or death it like the London fire were no one took any action until its to late. With this evidence if any one is hurt they can take the evidence to court when they sue and prove that CEC failed in its duty of care and their obligations under Health and Safety.


30ft dead tree next to the path were children walk to school


These photos taken this week all the dead branch's  are a danger


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

End of Year review


The year started with the CEC working near badger without a licence which saw the job stopped by the Police. They then claimed they had put cameras down and proved the badgers had gone.

But our expert who came from Surrey to survey who had 30 years experience with badgers said that were still there.

Work went head as a result of the camera evidence but after 12 months of CEC refusing a FOI act request the ICO has got the reports.

Please see the following response issued to the ICO in respect of video footage:

•             Confirmation of whether the council holds any video footage in relation to this request. 

As the surveys have indicated, motion sensor cameras were erected to film the setts. The cameras were not activated. Therefore, Cheshire East Council does not hold any video footage in relation to this request.

I trust that this clarifies this point in respect of the video footage.

Kind regards.

Mrs H M Sweeney,

Senior Compliance & Customer Relations Officer,

Compliance & Customer Relations Team.

The strange thing is if there were cameras why didnt our expert see them and why didnt they capture her or other badger members?

Deadly Trees

Deadly trees were reported in February and despite many more reports and an article in the local paper no attempt has been made to make over 100 branch's safe the leader of the council Cllr Bailey refuses to even reply to complaints. I have presented photo evidence of branch's that have fallen which would kill if anyone was under it



The café which isn't that old is falling to bit and the veranda is having to be replaced

December and snow fills the park

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Council take no action on deadly Trees

No action has been taken on the deadly trees in the park despite it being reported since January. The MP has contacted them and after 5 weeks she has had no reply or any action. With strong winds forecast it becomes more urgent before someone is killed.


The old workshop which was riddled with asbestos has now been demolished and everything removed



Monday, October 23, 2017

Its Autumn in the Queens Park



More branches falling and still Cheshire East have taken no action to make the park safe these are big enough to kill but they dont seem to care. The MP is now looking into the case


Thursday, October 5, 2017

CEC take no action on deadly trees?


Despite the fact that the dangerous trees in the park were highlight in the Chronicle the CEC have made no attempt to make it safe in the park. I walked around with the reporter and all most every tree has dangerous branch's on them.

As a former head gardener of an estate larger that the park my point cant be disputed as the amount of dead branch's that have fallen in the last few week proves I am correct and its  deadly. Our MP has been asked to take some action but we have had no response from her


Above branch's that have come down this week and below tree with lots of dead one on it



Both these trees have big dead branch's capable   of killing anyone they fall on someone



More dead ones and how many can you count on the one below


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Trees now deadly in the park still no action by CEC


Massive Mushroom in the park that will fill your pate and a butterfly out this week


Last time we showed a massive deadly branch that had fell and again this week another one in the same area these are enough to kill anyone and its happening all over the park. Its been reported to the park manager and other members of the council but no action has been taken they seem hell bent on getting some one killed before they do anything. They came and chopped up this fallen branch and within a few feet there are more deadly branch's but they didn't touch them they left them on the same tree. The council has a duty to keep people safe in the park and are not even making any attempt to remove these dead branch’s. If anyone is hurt or killed these reports can be used in court to prove negligence    



A new bench this week in memory of a loved one


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Autumn arrives early


The council still haven't taken any action about dangerous trees and dead branch's this one came down and certainly big enough to kill someone it been left for 2 weeks now. They have a duty of care which they are failing on when someone get hurt or worse they may take some action to make the park safe it was a condition of the lottery grant the park was maintained



A lot of trees are now showing signs of winter colour and its a month early so we may get a bad winter.

The Lions display is now restored from the problems and looking good


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Help needed to keep site going

For over 9 years I have run and In all that time I have paid for everything myself and used my own camera to take over 75,000 photos of the Queens Park and Crewe.

I am now 69 years old and on a pension and cant keep up the web site fees and my camera is past it so I am looking for support from my readers in the form of donation so the sites dont have to close.

Please spread the word and make a donation

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Another 30ft deadly tree in the park

One of the new ducks that has grown up a bit has strange colours and is very cheeky




A lot of comments on Facebook about the geese mess by the lake and people with children are complaining it gets on pram wheels and shoes meaning you take it home

Research has shown that the excrement of geese contains a wide variety of pathogens capable of infecting humans and that can also be transferred to the water and air quality. However, the transmission of disease or parasites from geese to humans has not been well documented. The parasites do exist, so the potential exists, and the higher number of geese the higher the potential. But since there are gaps in the research, we do caution that the presence of a disease does not necessarily translate into a threat to public health.

Parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungus that are present in Canada geese

Parasites can cause diarrhea and infection, especially in individuals with compromised immune systems. Three parasites that are a concern to humans are cryptosporidium, giardia and toxoplasmosis.  Infection may occur through eating a goose that is undercooked or drinking contaminated water. Caution should be observed when swimming in any lake, pond or beach area that has a presence of geese.

The bacteria transferred from Canada geese that cause humans concern are chlamydiosis, e-coli, listeria, pasteurella multocida and salmonella. Infected birds can shed the bacteria through feces, nasal discharge and when someone is bitten. Humans normally manifest infection by pneumonia or through a wound.  The presence of e-coli correlates to the temperature, so there is a higher probability of e-coli presence during the month of June rather than February. Unless you are working around Canada geese or involved in feces clean up, the risk of infection can be low.

Canada geese are members of a group of birds that have been known to contract avian influenza. In 2004, researchers confirmed that Canada geese could contract H5N1, and it is an on-going concern that geese can introduce the disease.  There is on-going research to help validate these concerns.

Lastly, histoplasmosis fungus grows in soil enriched with bird droppings, including those from geese. When these contaminated soils are stirred up, the fungal spores can become dispersed and inhaled, thereby infecting individuals. Goose droppings have not been identified as a source for histoplasmosis, however, in light of the conflicting information, we suggest people practice caution when raking, mowing or stirring up soil enriched with goose droppings. It does not appear that goose droppings on sidewalks and other non-soil surfaces pose a risk.

How to proactively protect yourself from diseases that Canada geese carry

As a general rule, keeping a distance from geese and areas frequented by geese will always be the first line of defense in combating any diseases that geese can carry. Individuals with compromised immune systems should be extra cautious.

We suggest the following safety guidelines:

  • Wear protective gloves while working with feces or geese
  • Wash hands after working outdoors around geese
  • Launder work clothes
  • Shower after a day of working outdoors around geese
  • We wash our dogs paws daily at the end of every working day
  • We suggest washing bottoms of shoes at the end of every working day


One of the dead trees that Cheshire east are leaving  to endanger members of the public its over 30 ft and if that comes down it could kill a lot of people if they are close. As per last week post managers have been advised since January but no action is being taken


Coronation walk and the water fall still only works when we have had a lot of rain the rest of the time its dead. When it does work the flow is so slow its not worth having and as it leaves stagnant water its becoming another hazard as its covered in weed, alga and rubbish. If the flow was more and it worked all the time it would be washed away. adding to that when its strimmed all the rubbish goes in the brook clogging it up. The whole stream wants a good clean not a massive expensive job  


If kids get in this what can they catch?