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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Whats Missing?


Whats missing from the lake answers on a £10 note?


In the same area the mini woodland walk which has been in passable for a long time has been cleared


Over at the Gulf War memorial flowers have been planted but like all plants in that area they will struggle unless someone take the trouble to water them as its so dry and sheltered there


A few Moorhens and young are about on the lake they hide and seem to come from no were the sun has brought out the butterfly's this week 


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lake Edge Restoration


The stones on the lake edging which have been destroyed by vandal's has been restored again this week most of the original ended up in the lake


The work men have been putting in the plants the lake edge near Tipkinder this week


It doesn't make a lot of sense the plants are under netting there are two things wrong with that first there was netting before and a lot of wildlife got injured as they got caught in it and had their legs broken trying to get free. Second the width of the plants is greater than the size of the holes so they cant grow up or they will get shredded  if they intended to remove it in time you will end up pulling half the plants up stuck in the netting. If the plants are the correct type the ducks shouldn't eat them


Mother out with her babies we have had very few babies this year as there is no were for them to breed other than the island


The cycle racks have been damaged vandal's or other?

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Coir Rolls going in


The edge of the lake near Tipkinder is being dug out to have coir roles fitted. This should have been done long ago as part of the restoration basically they are rolls as you can see below that come pre packed with plants of various types so they have everything they need to grow in one simple package helping to add air to the lake and improve the water as well as providing some things for wildlife


The Heron has been back again this week and been on the lake side they normally stick to the islands. The flower beds down the main drive are now at there best


Wednesday, August 5, 2015



The lake had some fresh water this week as the sluice gates were opened


Last year the wildlife group took over the islands and were advised to use weed killer to kill weeds as if you dig up a dock  it has a tap root which can go down 12 inch if it gets chopped up you end up with more as each bit will start a new one. They then planted some small bushes and haven't done anything since so now the islands are just a mass of weeds. While this is handy for wildlife it looks a mess the idea would be to plant the right plants which would help wildlife and keep it weed free once you get all these weeds you get 10 years of seeds. It seems all the groups in the park and dwindling down to nothing part of the problem being they cant use mechanical tools etc as good old H&S wont let them so it limits what can be done. As the islands were they had trees on them which helped to stop weeds