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Wednesday, August 5, 2015



The lake had some fresh water this week as the sluice gates were opened


Last year the wildlife group took over the islands and were advised to use weed killer to kill weeds as if you dig up a dock  it has a tap root which can go down 12 inch if it gets chopped up you end up with more as each bit will start a new one. They then planted some small bushes and haven't done anything since so now the islands are just a mass of weeds. While this is handy for wildlife it looks a mess the idea would be to plant the right plants which would help wildlife and keep it weed free once you get all these weeds you get 10 years of seeds. It seems all the groups in the park and dwindling down to nothing part of the problem being they cant use mechanical tools etc as good old H&S wont let them so it limits what can be done. As the islands were they had trees on them which helped to stop weeds


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