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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Public Space Protection Orders


I did an interview with Radio Stoke this week in the Park about the new Public Space Protection Orders

TROUBLEMAKERS may be dealt with on the spot as Cheshire East Council has vowed to use new powers to crack down on anti-social hotspots.

Cheshire East Council’s communities and enforcement teams now have the power to apply Public Space Protection Orders and issue on-the-spot fines to individuals who breach an order.

The new powers, under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Police Act 2014, will eliminate the need for court proceedings or civil action, and allow Cheshire East to empower its officers to take immediate action.

The new measures, introduced by the government last year, could be applied in at least five areas in the borough, including two areas in Crewe that has seen regular anti-social behaviour.

While in theory this is a good move and can be applied to dogs off the lead in the park etc as there are no wardens and no one to enforce it its a waste of time nothing will change


The Gulf War flower bed planted by ANTS now has lots of dead plants as no one waters them so this once again has been a waste of time money and effort but they wont be told


Coronation has been mown again but it will be left for another  few months before its done again so it will be back to a jungle by then. It may not have been the best idea cutting it now with kids off school all that straw hanging about get some dry weather and kids will think its fun to light it. The rabbit like it though they are growing now



Here is a good one the Bowl hut was part of the restoration and then they had to restore its cladding as part of that they wrecked the bench so now we need restoration of the restoration of the restoration you couldn't make it up could you

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