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Sunday, July 12, 2015

New Dogs must be on Lead Signs


Lots of new signs all around the park dogs must be on a lead mostly around the lake as if it doesnt matter in other areas the problem being no one takes any notice and with no wardens to enforce it what the point. Below the stroke club meeting last week and low and behold a dog off the lead


Looking at the islands the wildlife group spent ages clearing all the weeds last year but they were advised it would be a waste of time if you chop up a dock leaf roots you get half a dozen not one there were advised to use a safe weed killer but didnt listen. The few bush's they planted have disappeared under the weeds as it is its best for wildlife they can hide in the weeds


Its likely the paths will start in 2 months but first they must check the trees as digging the paths next to trees will cut roots and could kill the trees

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