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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Heron moves into the Queens Park


Its good to see the heron back in the park but it may be bad news for the fish.



There is also new babies for the geese  and those from a few weeks ago are getting bigger and bolder



The Coots also have some babies but they do look bedraggled and arnt coming in close like the others


Even the squirrels have been out and about again this week


The old hut from the old play area is now being rebuilt on the new play area and the Tipkinder gates are now in place last weeks deliberate mistake if you didn't spot it was they wouldn't open as the path needed to be lowered which has now been done


Monday, May 23, 2011

Monkey Hut


Work has started on the Monkey hut across the lake this week and the roof is off and scaffolding around it.


The old hut that was in the childs play area is now being put back on the new play area so you can shelter when it rains.


The new gates have gone in at Tipkinder end of the park see if you can spot the fault with them?


The old play area equipment has been removed and the tarmac has been dug up and put over the other side of Coronation walk its surprising how much there was

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rare old Pictures of Queens Park


We have found some rare old pictures of the Queens Park many of them old postcards. Above is the Boar War statue with the old cafe and the guns.


The old Lilly pond


The path at the end of Coronation walk note the cafe in the background


The waterfall



two old postcards showing various scenes the lake, main entrance, lodge and boar war statue


Lodges and the clock tower with bunting out


Same again but and older black and white picture


Another Boar war statue picture


The lake side by the gold coarse by the looks of it


The lake again from across the lake towards the cafe with the old bridge


The bridge with the cafe how open the cafe looks with no trees around it like today


The cafe with the monkey hut in front of it


Mani Entrance with the Boar war statue


Another postcard with the clock tower and lake


Coronation Walk


Rowing on the lake with bridge in the background and viewing area


Black and white picture of the lake


Daffs out with the works in the background


One of the old bridges leading to the cafe


Two men outside the main entrance anyone know who they were?


Clock tower once again

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Midgets in the Queens Park

queenspark 038

I spotted these two midgets in the park but it turned out they were big men down a big hole. They are putting the old shelter that was removed from the childs play area back in its new location in the play area but it does seem a big hole for foundations.

queenspark 030 

At the main entrance the clock tower renovations has started as scaffolding has been put up around it for work to begin. It shouldnt  take much as the clock its self is maintained. So it basically need a clean and minor repairs to stones that are missing but it is a skilled job to fix.

queenspark 006

The park gates are all go this week as the new gates go in at the Georges end above.


The gates at Morton Road end were going in today(Friday) and Tipkinder next weeks hopefully.

A new Family has moved in to the Park


Yes there are a few new families of ducks that have moved in and its good to see wildlife doing well



Having a day out with mum

queenspark 018

A worrying development is the lake as you can see above the warm weather has brought out the weeds which are popping up all over the lake. The problem was the lake was dredged and then when the contractors went bust it was left without water for a long time and weeds started to grow. We are now seeing the results of this in the lake. I dont know if it can be removed by weed killer now there are fish in the lake or if it can be removed without draining we will wait and see but if its not talked it may take over the lake

A very Sad Tale

We live in a sick society and this case does highlight why the park needs wardens. Some time ago we mention an old  man affectionately know as squirrel man. This man could be seen everyday in the park come rain shine and even when there was snow and ice and –20 he sat by the lake feeding the wildlife who ate out of his hand. He has not been seen for a while but it came to light why this week. Apparently some very sick young individuals  started demanding he give them money and as a result he is to afraid to come to the park any more.

It goes without saying if you see anything like this or know these yobs call the Police and lets get them locked up

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Queens Park Wardens Update

queenspark 051

This week shows why we need the park Wardens. Above the fence has been wrecked as people force their way into the park. we have had kids swimming in the lake while other stood on Burma Island throwing rock into the lake. We have had motor bikes chasing around the park so its essential we have wardens.

We have had a reply about the wardens from Cllr Andrew.Knowles

There has been gross misleading information being circulated about re Rangers/Wardens in relation to Queens Park I want to emphasise and I quote “In terms of the future operation of Queens Park once the restoration is complete the Council will have staff in place as part of the Management Plan which has been agreed with the HLF,this also includes a Queens Park Manager. There will be both rangers and a parks officer who will have a permanent base and presence in Queens Park

I hope this clears up any rumours

We have asked him to clarify some points as the wardens have received redundancy notices yet he says there will be rangers. As soon as we get more info we will let you know whats happening.

queenspark 058 

The Cafe scaffolding is slowly coming down and its looks better This picture take with a Finepix HS10 with 30* optical zoom from the main road.

queenspark 040

The lake has looked good this week in the nice sun we have had.


Whats on this summer in the park click on the poster for a full view