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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Queens Park Wardens Update

queenspark 051

This week shows why we need the park Wardens. Above the fence has been wrecked as people force their way into the park. we have had kids swimming in the lake while other stood on Burma Island throwing rock into the lake. We have had motor bikes chasing around the park so its essential we have wardens.

We have had a reply about the wardens from Cllr Andrew.Knowles

There has been gross misleading information being circulated about re Rangers/Wardens in relation to Queens Park I want to emphasise and I quote “In terms of the future operation of Queens Park once the restoration is complete the Council will have staff in place as part of the Management Plan which has been agreed with the HLF,this also includes a Queens Park Manager. There will be both rangers and a parks officer who will have a permanent base and presence in Queens Park

I hope this clears up any rumours

We have asked him to clarify some points as the wardens have received redundancy notices yet he says there will be rangers. As soon as we get more info we will let you know whats happening.

queenspark 058 

The Cafe scaffolding is slowly coming down and its looks better This picture take with a Finepix HS10 with 30* optical zoom from the main road.

queenspark 040

The lake has looked good this week in the nice sun we have had.


Whats on this summer in the park click on the poster for a full view

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