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Monday, December 26, 2016

4 Days to get dangerous tree fixed


Once again the sluice gates are jammed and the lake is flooding with islands nearly underwater this keeps happening and all that is needed is netting to stop big branch and rubbish blocking it




This dangerous branch which could have fallen and killed someone took 4 days and reported 4 times before it was fixed. They cut that the branch but there are at least 20 more that are dead and dangerous that they left inch from this dead branch. They have a duty of care which they are not for filling and as children walk this way to school lets hope they sort it before someone gets killed 


This is the final report for this year I started the site in 2008 when the restoration should have taken a year and still its not finished. Next year they start on Coronation walk which they said would start in September and be finished by Xmas. Now it seems it will start in the new year when its the breeding season for lots of wildlife last time they killed or nearly killed lots of wildlife including badgers and rabbits and the contractors offered physical violence to  anyone complaining

Monday, December 5, 2016

A ‘Festive Fun Run and Family Snowman Stroll’

Reporter J White Flickr page: .

A ‘Festive Fun Run and Family Snowman Stroll’ took place at Queens Park in Crewe on Sunday 4th December 2016.

There was a 5 kilometre festive fun run and a 2.5 kilometre family snowman stroll, which both followed routes within the Park. The runners and walkers received an energetic warm-up to Christmas music by Emma Wilkinson from Clubbercise, before everyone moved to the start line.

First to finish in the 5 kilometre festive fun run was 12 year old Jack Harrison, who is a pupil at Malbank School. Jack’s mother - Claire Harrison – was the second person to cross the line.  

Fancy dress included several Santa Clauses, Mrs Clauses, snowmen, reindeer and elves. On finishing participants in the fun run received a medal and mince pie and participants in the snowman stroll received a mince pie and a visit to Santa’s Grotto for a gift.

There were also tombola’s, craft activities from Creative Crewe and owls and a bird of prey from Wings & Things. Mayor of Crewe Councillor Marilyn Houston was also in attendance.

The day was brilliantly organised, there was a great atmosphere and participants and spectators were treated to blue skies.

Proceeds will be split between the NSPCC and funds for new disabled fishing bays in Queens Park.

The event was supported by UK Triathlon, Cheshire East Council, NSPCC, ansa, Creative Crewe, Emma Wilkinson & Clubbercise, Wings & Things and Friends of Queens Park.

Emma Wilkinson from Clubbercise leads the warmupThe start of the 5 kilometre festive fun run (1)The start of the family snowman stroll

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Myxomatosis in the park


Another swan has arrived in the park this time its a male so it may fall in love and stay and breed




With lots of rain the islands are going under water again as sluice gates aren't working properly



A rabbit seen in the park with Myxomatosis  note the eye.  Myxomatosis is a viral infection of rabbits, caused by a member of the Poxvirus family. It is usually transmitted by insects and is usually fatal. Anyone with rabbit coming to the park could carry the infection home with them so its important to have them inoculated.


The goosanders have been joined by their mates and we have a few male and females for more details of wildlife in Cheshire see us on Facebook follow us on twitter @janmwrght


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Goosanders in the park


There has been 3 or more goosanders in the park for a while 2 males and a female


We re still waiting for work to start on Coronation Walk it was advertised as starting September finish for Xmas. The problem being if it had been on time it would be ok but now they will be running into breeding season for a lot of wildlife next years so they may destroy the season for them.

We thought the Autumn colour would be over by now but there has still been lots to see normally the trees would all be bare by now but people seem to like to see photos of the colours so here are a few


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Defibrillator in the park


The park now has a defibrillator pity the first aider didnt know it was there or how to use it and if you require an ambulance they cant get in as gates are lock a lot of the time and delay can be fatal


The gardeners have found a few spare plants to brighten up the Gulf war memorial


Vandals have been hard at work throwing rocks into the lake from the end of the lake border


Autumn photos seem  to be in demand so here are a few more its near the end now so we may not get any more


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Autumn in the park


Nothing much happening in the park just Autumn colours changing dailyDSCF2712DSCF2735DSCF2744DSCF2749IMG_1632

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Harlequin ladybirds invade the Queens park


Found a Holly bush covered in lady birds in the park one problem these are Harlequin ladybirds and have been declared the UK’s fastest invading species after reaching almost every corner of the country in just a decade.

The cannibalistic ladybirds were first realised to have reached the UK in 2004 when they were seen in Essex and have since spread as far afield as the tip of Cornwall and the Shetland Islands, making it the fastest alien invasion of the UK on record. Grey squirrels, American mink, ring-necked parakeets and muntjac deer are advancing at a rate far behind them.

Scientists monitoring the spread of the voracious harlequin, which will prey on native ladybirds, said the warnings when it first arrived that it would colonise the country rapidly and was the world’s “most invasive ladybird” have proved correct.

The species is believed to be responsible for the decline of at least seven native ladybirds, including the popular two-spot, which when last assessed in 2012 had slumped 44%. Dr Roy said that there has been no sign of a recovery among two-spots.




The vandals have been at it again with the seat by the  Gulf War memorial having names all over it




Greylag geese back at the park and Canada geese having a fly past



We have had the one swan on the lake after the father died but this week a signet has appeared looking very friendly with the other swan maybe he goes for older women


Some Autumn colours below  these change daily but a lovely site