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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wildlife Invasion


The Queens Park has been invaded by wildlife this week with what seems like hundreds of Canadian Geese there was so  many you couldnt see the grass in places for them a rough count suggest around 300 are in the park.


What has got everyone talking is the return of two swans that came back on Tuesday. They are very tame taking bread from peoples hands. Everyone is delighted to see them back again..



A Shovel duck made an appearance this week

Shovelers are surface feeing ducks with huge spatulate bills. Males have dark green heads, with white breasts and chestnut flanks. Females are mottled brown. In flight birds show patches of light blue and green on their wings. In the UK they breed in southern and eastern England, especially around the Ouse Washes, the Humber and the North Kent Marshes, and in much smaller numbers in Scotland and western parts of England. In winter, breeding birds move south, and are replaced by an influx of continental birds from further north. The UK is home to more than 20% of the NW European population, making it an Amber List species.


The Jay was seen out in pairs also this week but they are hard to spot as they move about quickly.


Some nice Autumn colour about this week this nice tree under the broadwalk bridge.


The trees behind the clock tower have turned into a nice display also

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Remember this


Nothing happening in the park but the gardeners have done a good job of planting up the Boer War memorial lets see how long that stay nice before the kids are allowed on it by parents?

Park 0156-TIFF-(Arc)-[CP8800]

Some older pictures of the park do you remember how it used to be?

Crewe Park Gardens 001-[CP8800]

Coronation Walk

Queens Park 002-[CP8800]

Lake with the old bridges in the distance

Queens Park 006b Jun 2005-[CP8800]

Main Drive with the big trees

Queens Park 011-[CP8800]

Lake with the island full of trees

Queens Park 027-[CP8800]

Main Entrance  again

Queens Park 034-[CP8800]

Two lake pictures with the old bridge and island all from about 2005

Queens Park 036-[CP8800]

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Autumn comes to the park


It was Autumn  in the park the gardeners have the winter beading out on the main drive


The trees are showing signs of Autumn  but the colours haven't been so good this year maybe the warm spell so late has effected it


Tel: 01270 537896
14™ - 17th February - 1 hr workshop time tbc Queens Park, Victoria Ave., Crewe CW2 7SE MAKE YOUR OWN BIRD BOX
Create your own bird box, take it home and watch with interest the feathered friends
who visit your garden.
With the CEC Countryside Ranger Service
£3 material supplied. Booking Line 01260 297237
January to March 2012
'Spring Watch in Queens Park' FREE Queens Park, Victoria Ave., Crewe CW2 7SE Presented by The Pickle Jar at the Lakeside
Running from January to March 2012 primary schools, in the Cheshire East area, are invited to take part in our Spring Watch' project This will provide an opportunity for children to literally track spring as it happens through observation of plants and animals and support it with photographs they take and pictures they draw Joined by the 'Friends of the Park' and Cheshire Wildlife Trust', together with other groups from across East Cheshire to provide support and information those involved.
This project is sponsored, supported and organised by The Pickle Jar at the Lakeside - the new cafe in the pavilion building in Queens Park. They will be providing an area in a corner of the cafe with display boards for each school to track what they have seen and recorded, and to display individual work from children. We also looking at a series of events to which everyone will be invited and the children will be able to take part. We look forward to seeing you! If you are interested then please contact either Tim or Rachel on: OR call them on 01606 551122
Queens Park, Crewe - Events Programme Queens Park, Victoria Ave., Crewe CW2 7SE Most Sundays 2pm - 4pm
See Or tel 01270 537896 for more details.
Sunday 6th May - 2pm - 4pm Bischofsheim Accordion Orchestra
Wonderful German Band visiting our own Crewe Brass Band, from Crewe's twinned town of Bischofsheim
Sun 17th 4 24th June 2pm-4pm Queens Park, Victoria Ave., Crewe CW2 7SE Clay Art Workshop
Join Sheila to create your own Queens Park keepsake with the 'Friends of Queens Park'! Creations made on the 4th Painted on the 10,h. £3 material supplied
Booking Line 01270 537896 Or, email elaine.dodd(S)
PROV..... Sun 26th August 2pm,-10pm
Folk 'n' Ale Event
Presented by Volume      Pre-promotion poss Sat Set-up Sun am. Sat 4th November
Crewe & Nantwich Lions Association Queens Park, Victoria Ave., Crewe CW2 7SE
Fireworks Display   5pm Gates Open    8pm Fireworks