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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Remember this


Nothing happening in the park but the gardeners have done a good job of planting up the Boer War memorial lets see how long that stay nice before the kids are allowed on it by parents?

Park 0156-TIFF-(Arc)-[CP8800]

Some older pictures of the park do you remember how it used to be?

Crewe Park Gardens 001-[CP8800]

Coronation Walk

Queens Park 002-[CP8800]

Lake with the old bridges in the distance

Queens Park 006b Jun 2005-[CP8800]

Main Drive with the big trees

Queens Park 011-[CP8800]

Lake with the island full of trees

Queens Park 027-[CP8800]

Main Entrance  again

Queens Park 034-[CP8800]

Two lake pictures with the old bridge and island all from about 2005

Queens Park 036-[CP8800]

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