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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Trees Planted


There has been some planting of Holly trees were we lost a lot of trees before from the startling nesting in the trees. It will brighten the area up a bit


There are a few rabbits out playing and looking for food this week they lost their habitat as the ANTS destroyed all the bamboo were they normally live


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cygnets Missing


Burma Island has had a face lift this week with bushes trimmed etc but no structural improvements even though the council said it would be restored 18 months ago.  Take a look below how it used to look before they messed it up with the restoration. As part of the design it block your view of the lake so you had to go round to see the rest creating a new vista

party on 082


A puzzle of the park before it was restored


The Heron has been on duty this week coming for his fish dinner.The cygnets are now down to 2 on the lake its not known if they have flown away or something else has happened. The local councillor reported that one was found down Wisaston Rd injured and now with the RSCPA which if it lives wont be able to return to the park

Monday, January 12, 2015

Goosander party


With winter upon us you can see how dangerous the park can be as there is no one to salt when it freezes. The Temporary path that's been in place years as you can see is just turned into a skating rink its pure ice and you have no chance of getting down safely 


We have had a few wildlife visitors with 4 greylag geese 2 have teamed up with the swans and 8 Goosanders these should be living here but due to lack of any plants or floating islands for them to bread they only visit. It was part of the original plan to have plants all round the lake were there are wooden post and despite they council promising last summer to do it none are forth coming. The goosanders and Grebe come for the fish but cant nest on land so need floating islands to bread. 3,000 fish have been added to the lake so there is plenty of food for them