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Friday, July 31, 2009


The Queens Park project has been surrounded by speculation and delays. Almost every aspect of the work has had its complications; however as Cheshire East Council strives forward it has put measures in place to literally get the earthmoving.

Cheshire East Council is committed to supporting and utilising local businesses and the economy, the project team of Consultants and Contractors appointed to date are all North West based.

This week has seen another local contractor earth moving, utilising the clay-soil deposits from the debris of the lake, to form the basis for new raised footpath improving access and supporting the original failing retention wall, all on the North West side of the Park.

Even more exciting is that the Cheshire East specialist restorers ‘Lost Art’ has been appointed to complete the Bandstand refurbishment and works commenced this Monday (20th).

At a recent meeting with the Heritage Lottery and Cheshire East Council all parts demonstrated their commitment seeing the works progresses and finalised.
As the original contractor went into administration, the project legalities and the stoppage of works caused frustration, both within the Authority and to members of the public.

On yet another positive note tenders for completion of the lake and bridge works have now been returned and are being reviewed by the Consultants, including the proposed building works required. It is anticipated that an announcement of the new Contractor will be made within weeks.

Councillor Andrew Knowles, Health and Wellbeing Portfolio Holder for Cheshire East Council, said: “I am delighted to see workman now on site at Queens Park and even more so that local Contractors and Experts are part of this process. It is a very exciting time for the Park, the current Bandstand works, which will be undertaken during the next 20 weeks, utilises the very best of our North West Craftsmen with their skills and high quality historically authentic works.”

Pictures July 30th 2009

The work on the banking along Victoria Ave is well under way but at the moment resembles a mud bath with all the rain we have had. As well as the rebuilding of the wall they are moving the mud from the top area near the band stand so its two jobs getting done
The flowers along the main drive are now in full bloom and as you can see the ducks etc are all fine and walking about the lawns
The flowers out side the cafe are now all out and a welcome site
A picture of the play area which will be moved and improved soon

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Old Pictures July 2009

More pictures from our readers above John Bebbington also know as Crewe Blondin crossing the park lake with his son on his back in 1907
The Queens park Lake 1928 with diving boards which I have never seen before
1941 and the path to Coronation walk landscaped in 1937 to commemorate the Kings coronation. The site was planted with thousands of Daffs still seen today

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Triple whammy

The work to redo the main wall flower bed by Victoria Ave is under way. This is a triple whammy as to redo the wall they are using mud that was taken from the lake. This mud has formed a mountain up near the band stand and as you can see above they are removing the mountain to use on the wall.
This work had been delayed as there were Bats nesting in the wall and they couldnt be disturbed. The work should take about 4 weeks and once that is done they can then replace the railings at the top. So thats 3 jobs done.

Over on the main Queens Park site I have added 21 new pages so each part of the restoration from the plan has its own page so you can go straight to say the Bowling Green page and see pictures of the area as it was as it is today and once the restoration starts on each unit you can see whats happening. The site has over a hundred old pictures going back to the 1800 along with 100's of the modern day park

The 21 points are
1 West lodge repair refurbish
2 EAST LODGE repair refurbish
3 CLOCK TOWER repair and refurbish
4 BOER War MEMORIAL repair refurbish
5 Lake bridges replace with new
6 BROAD WALK BRIDGE New bridge structure
7 BANDSTAND repair refurbish
8 SHELTER recreate original
9 BOWLS PAVILION replace with Improved facility
10 GULF WAR MEMORIAL refurbish and upgrade
11 VANTAGE POINT -recreate
12 JUBILEE PAVILION upgrade (possibly replace)
13 LANDING STAGE -relocate and refurbish with improved access
14 VIEWING TERRACE - refurbish and upgrade
15 BURMA STAR ISLAND -refurbish and upgrade
16 LAKE -repair edges, remove silt and Improve water quality
17 BOUNDARY RAILINGS -replace with improved design
18 MAIN ENTRANCE -refurbish gates and pillars
19 OTHER ENTRANCES • provide new gates
20 CHILDRENS PLAY provide new play area
21 CORONATION WALK VALLEY -improve watercourse, planting and access

Monday, July 13, 2009

Queens Park July 2009

At last some action as workmen are seen in the park once more. Down at Coronation Walk they were out with bull dozers getting ready to repair the main wall and flower bed along Victoria Ave. This work should take 4 weeks
The viewing area across the lake still untouched
The Bowling Green being put to full use today with lots of people taking part. It is due to be refurbished as part of the project
The bowling green from the main walk way with a match going on
The old shelter looks a bit lonely across the lake and this is due for repair soon
The landing area for the boats that was, This will be revamped and moved
The childs play area a bit pas its best

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Jubilee Clock

Above the clock and you can see the damage the fountain has long since gone

The Jubilee Clock

On entrance into the Park down Central Drive from the gates stands the impressive Jubilee Clock. Donated by the employees of the Railway Company and built in 1888. The tower has four large clock faces surmounted by an elaborate support for the weather vane. The tower is a Grade 2 listed building and is of stone and brick construction.
Clearly it can be seen within the ornate sandstone and the faces of Queen Victoria (facing north), the Duke of Cambridge (facing south), Sir Richard Moon (facing east, towards the Curator's Lodge which contains his pun) and Francis William Webb (facing west towards the Lodge with his pun upon it). At the rear of the clock is a cast iron plaque explaining how the clock tower was donated by the employees of the Company and unveiled by James Middlelon. Middleton was given this honour for fifty years service to the Company, quite an impressive achievement. Even more impressive when its realized that Middleton was the driver of the first train that stopped at Crewe on the 4th July 1837.

Above the clock and east Lodge

Queens Park New Railings

As part of the restoration the Queens park is having new railings and again this is not a object that is often photographed and a great pity as the outside of the park has some nice trees. Above the new railings by the golf coarse
The new railings by the Georges playing field

New railings near Morton rd. The railing is the first thing to be completed in the restoration. It is finished apart from odd section which cant be done until other work is completed like the entrance gates

Othe Park Entrances

Apart from the main entrance to the park via Victoria Ave there is also one at Morton Road closed at the present time
The entrance at the Georges Playing fields is also closed and is the main entrance if you park on the playing fields car park and wish to visit the band stand. All the entrances will be re done in the restoration

The Lodges of Queens park

The West and East Lodges are the first thing you see entering the park by the main entrance. Above the West Lodge which is now the park managers office.
The same lodge as above taken from inside the park showing the floral display. Both lodges always have a fine display of flowers
Above the East Lodge and the flower display
Again the east Lodge

The West Lodge showing the large bell on the top. The lodges will be part of the restoration program and will be renovated

Queens Park Main Gates

The main Gates at the Queens Park very rarely is there any pictures of them close up. There are lots of the main entrance showing the gates but very few of the actual gates. They are due for a overhaul in the restoration and as you can see above they are suffering.

The gates taken from the inside of the park

Main gates and the West Lodge
Main Gates and East Lodge

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stakeholder meeting 8th July

I attended the stakeholders meeting held at the park on Wednesday 8th July. There has been little or no visible work done at the park for months but thats all about to change. The new tender should be opened this week and hopefully a new contractor appointed very quickly. There has been a delay as after the tenders were in one contractor reduced the price and as a result other had to be given the opportunity to resubmit tenders.

At the meeting the Lions came with some cash to build a sensory garden like the one a Stapley Water gardens so that is another new feature which should be a major attractions and as the Lions are funding it there is no messing about getting the money.

The meeting discussed that the stakeholder work would be done once the park was finished and then a friends of the Queens Park would take over to make decisions about the park and see that its maintained and looked after. This will be open to anyone and will shortly be setup as a charity so they can get funding for any future projects.

The work on the wall were the Bats have held up work is now due to start this week and should be finished in a month. This also means the railings can then be finished as there is only this small section to do. We will have pictures as soon as there is signs of life. Work on the bandstand is also imminent.

The summer bedding is now starting to flower and will soon be in its full glory as can be seen above taken after the meeting.

The park has events still going on this summer which are

12th July Blozone Band - FAB Blues Band
19th All Sorts Dog Display Team
26th George Formby Ukulele Soc
1st & 2nd Aug TipKinder - Bob Fields GRANDS incl. "The Shanaze Reade BMX Track"
2nd August The Valentines Duo
9th Tarporley Concert Band
16th Lucy Jane ~ Punch & Judy
23rd Matrix Dancers with Pheonix Disco
Thurs 27th Youth Fire Serv Display
Sat 29th CARNIVAL King George V Playing Fields
Thurs 5th Nov LIONS Bonfire & Fireworks Display

While its not strictly the Queens Park the new footpath /cycle way is another major step forward. Costing over 1 million pounds it will link the Queens Park to Nantwich and means you will be able to walk or cycle to the park from Nantwich in safety along a beautiful country path. This should help make the park more accessible to all. Its hoped the work we have done in trying to get Tipkinder on the map will come into play as the path can then be extended via Tipkinder and the Valley Park and take you into the town center.