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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Triple whammy

The work to redo the main wall flower bed by Victoria Ave is under way. This is a triple whammy as to redo the wall they are using mud that was taken from the lake. This mud has formed a mountain up near the band stand and as you can see above they are removing the mountain to use on the wall.
This work had been delayed as there were Bats nesting in the wall and they couldnt be disturbed. The work should take about 4 weeks and once that is done they can then replace the railings at the top. So thats 3 jobs done.

Over on the main Queens Park site I have added 21 new pages so each part of the restoration from the plan has its own page so you can go straight to say the Bowling Green page and see pictures of the area as it was as it is today and once the restoration starts on each unit you can see whats happening. The site has over a hundred old pictures going back to the 1800 along with 100's of the modern day park

The 21 points are
1 West lodge repair refurbish
2 EAST LODGE repair refurbish
3 CLOCK TOWER repair and refurbish
4 BOER War MEMORIAL repair refurbish
5 Lake bridges replace with new
6 BROAD WALK BRIDGE New bridge structure
7 BANDSTAND repair refurbish
8 SHELTER recreate original
9 BOWLS PAVILION replace with Improved facility
10 GULF WAR MEMORIAL refurbish and upgrade
11 VANTAGE POINT -recreate
12 JUBILEE PAVILION upgrade (possibly replace)
13 LANDING STAGE -relocate and refurbish with improved access
14 VIEWING TERRACE - refurbish and upgrade
15 BURMA STAR ISLAND -refurbish and upgrade
16 LAKE -repair edges, remove silt and Improve water quality
17 BOUNDARY RAILINGS -replace with improved design
18 MAIN ENTRANCE -refurbish gates and pillars
19 OTHER ENTRANCES • provide new gates
20 CHILDRENS PLAY provide new play area
21 CORONATION WALK VALLEY -improve watercourse, planting and access

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