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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lake Edge Restoration


The stones on the lake edging which have been destroyed by vandal's has been restored again this week most of the original ended up in the lake


The work men have been putting in the plants the lake edge near Tipkinder this week


It doesn't make a lot of sense the plants are under netting there are two things wrong with that first there was netting before and a lot of wildlife got injured as they got caught in it and had their legs broken trying to get free. Second the width of the plants is greater than the size of the holes so they cant grow up or they will get shredded  if they intended to remove it in time you will end up pulling half the plants up stuck in the netting. If the plants are the correct type the ducks shouldn't eat them


Mother out with her babies we have had very few babies this year as there is no were for them to breed other than the island


The cycle racks have been damaged vandal's or other?

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