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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dakar Rally enters the park


People today were amazed to see the Dakar rally enter the park in fact it was two girls doing the street dance work shop who came in via Moton rd and drove down by the lake up the muddy path to the bandstand and were then going to go over the burnt bridge. How they got the car round the lake is a miracle in its own right and I am saying nothing about women drivers. LOL They did a workshop on street dance  in the cafe. The Nantwich & District Band were also playing today in the bandstand



The destruction continued this week as the Bowls hut was attacked and all the facia was removed from the windows along with grids and drains. The playing of football on the green is still going on and the gardeners are spending lots of time repairing the green. from next week we are down to only two gardeners in the park.


Events update

Sun 29th July
Nantwich & District Band
11am – 12.45pm
Sun 29th July
Break dancing/Street Dancing
2 x half hr spots
2pm – 4pm
Mon 6th Aug
Street Sports
1pm – 3pm
Sun 12th Aug
Punch & Judy by Ian Davies
Wed 22nd Aug
PLAY DAY in Queens Park
Play Association. All day event
Thurs 23rd Aug
Children’s Centre Events
10am – 11.30-am
Sat 25th & Sun 26th Aug
A Voice for Lions
Local talent show & events
All day event
27th & 28th Oct
Bob Fields Grands
Shanaze Reade BMX Track
Tip Kinder Park. All day event
Sat 3rd Nov
C&N Lions Fireworks Grande
Evening event
Sun 16th Dec
Christmas Lantern Procession
Evening event

Message from

Elaine Dodd

Queens Park Manager

Open Space Development

01270 686708

Dear All,

May I please request that everyone forwards me a letter of support for the next Heritage Lottery Applications which is currently being complied.

Please indicate your support for the project (this is a new application so no mention to the old works should be included as this won’t be considered), indicating why you consider the works important  ie footways, accessibility, lighting level, boating platform, electric for eventing, historical features, re-introduce Coronation walk, Burma star island /memorial etc etc., information signage... or simply just to bring QP back to her original Victorian glory, securing use for future generations..... – in fact anything you consider is important to the project/park/town.

Please write on behalf of your organisation or as an individual – or both!!!

Please address to myself:

c/o Pyms Lane Depot

Pyms Lane CREWE CW1 3PJ

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