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Monday, July 2, 2012

More problems at the Queens Park


The summer bedding is now finished and given a few weeks it will  be at its best so pop along and have a look


A lot of baby rabbits about this week a bit timid but there are lots to be seen if you walk around quietly. The swans and Grebe are still  sitting on the nests and its hoped we will see some new life from them soon. What could be more important is the Barnacle Goose has been sitting on a nest for a while. It a very rare bird in this part of the world but they have never bread in the uk there were some at Tatton Park in 1972 but they never had young so if ours has young even crossed with others it will be a national event.


The two holes in the path covered in metal plates above have been filled in this week as kids were pushing the plates off leaving deep holes


The kids have removed the edging stones from the gates making it simple for them to break in at night and cause more damage.


The gardens had a metal boat to  get to the islands to weed this week and they pulled it ashore while they had dinner. Next minute these two cheeky chappies  were in it and away with it as they pulled it from the lake we had visions of them stealing it and walking down Alton st with it to cash it in. You could imagine the Police report be on the look out for two lads in a boat down Alton St. The Police came with a few mins and caught them. So remember any problems in the park call 101 and ask for Police at Crewe they are responding quickly and the more reports we have the better the evidence to get Wardens back

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